Saturday, May 9, 2015

Just Because

These pictures have no outside editing I did use one of the filters in the new Firestorm release. Some of the new features are kinda fun and so far even though it is a Beta release I have had no problems. I use rlv and some of the issues were to do with this but so far for me nothing at all.

On Me
Maitreya Lara
Mons Eyeshadow Basic sparkle Black
PF Smokey Eyeshadow
Lovely Disarray Lip Stripes
Things Apachea Tattoo Faded
Things Maita Tattoo Faded
Hair Moon Boa Group Gift
Pekka Third Eye Head Chain Onyx
Muka Toe Ring
Noodles Helmsweave Anklet/Bracelet Black
L'Emporio Exposed Harness and Dress
Aisling Velasco Feather Collar

Artisan Fantasy Captive Cross
CP Delilah Earth Sheer Curtain
anc comet orrery gold
Medieval Fantasy Bookpile
Fanatik Medieval Village House
Pose bang Watchers

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