Saturday, February 21, 2015

S t r o n g E l e g a n c e

Hair-May's Soul, Samurai Hair, brown F @ Fantasy Gatcha

Hair Stick-May's Soul, Samurai Stick, RARE @ Fantasy Gatcha

Dress-Baiastice,Karin Dress, Coffee

Chest +Pauldrons-May's Soul,Bikers Chest, Brown Leather @ Fantasy Collective

Earrings-The Plastic, krosis Earrings, gold

Wrist Cuffs-[The Forge] Celtic Bangles

Hand tat- Soy. - Hajichi Shuri

Staff- By me

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mamba Beauty

So proud of Chooey with this shield, i'ts one of my faveorites! Partly because my mamba (Risky) can use it and look badass.. but also because its beautiful, there is a bloody version, and a NON bloody version for the clean people out there!

SHIELD-{AEGIS}, Ivory's Price- NEW! @ tp here 

Hair 1-Little Bones, Eros Taken

Hair 2- Little Bones, Ce Soir

Skull Mask-Skull Mask 16, Dreams & Nightmares

Face Tat -Little Pricks, Homeing Device

Feather Boa-B&R, Mat feather Scarf, black

Necklace-Zenith, Crystal Scar necklace

Arrow-Laygo, Metis Arrow Silver

Belt-LUAS, Asha  belt

Kilt-::ENIGMA:: Battle Kilt

Weapon-VF, Harvest Staff

Kisses, Baea