Wednesday, September 24, 2014

G u t s.

Hair-Little bones, Girl.

Skin-Al Vulu, EWA, natural

EyePatch-SSD, Bolt Patch, brown leather

Bindi- AMAYA, Shadow bindi

Scar-Little Pricks, Ruined.

Coat-chronokit, Motorcycle jacket, brown

Jeans-Cynful, Skinny Jeans, brown

Boots-League, lauren Wedge boots, Taupe

Mouse-May's Soul, Mouse circus

Hammer-AMU, hammer Smasher!

Kisses, Baea

Monday, September 15, 2014

I Can Still Hear You Makin That Sound..

Hair1-booN GGL309, blk

Hair2-(Part of) Vanity Hair, Anchor, Blk

Necklace-La Boutique, Crown Queen B, Silver

Top-[Vendetta] Strings Of Lust , Body Suit

Skirt-EMPORIUM, SB  Skirt

Boots-Erratic/Valena- Gladiator Sandals, blk

Weapon-LR Black Hawk combo Klaive

Tat- Nuuna, Flux, Black

Kisses, Baea

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Im Not The Only One..

Hair-MOON{Hair}, Untitled

Skin-Al Vulu, EWA

Jacket-Salval, Army Jacket, black

Pants-;:Vilena;: Tucked Up Jeans, Camo

Boots-[Deadwool] ,Patmos Boots

Knee Pads-*COCO*  Knee Pads

Tattoo1-.Storybook. Magi Alchemy, Oblivion

Tattoo2-Damned, ScarBlood tat, OWNED.

Makeup- Izzies , Im Not Feeling very Well, Runny Eye Makeup.

Klaive-LR Black Hawk Combo

ShotGun- Mesh Mafia, Animated shotgun

Truck Bed- [Con] Stepside bed, red.

Kisses, Baea