Sunday, August 31, 2014

I'm Not Real

Hair- Little Bones, The Bay

Skin-[Al Vulu], Salina, Dolly, Milk @ TDRF   NEW

Head Piece-*Tentacio* Headpiece for Everyday,(Thursday)@ The Arcade  NEW

Nose Chain-*Tentacio* nose chain, simple black

Bodysuit- A/D/E, Kagaya, blk

Heels- [The Forge] Swirl black, @ The Arcade   NEW

Harness- [The Forge] Embrace Harness

Weapon- LR Blackhawk Combo Klaive

Knee Arrow- Laygo, Metis Arrow, Gold

Kisses, Baea

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Return Of The Mack

Hair-Unorthodox, Frenchie

Skin-Al Vulu, Ewa, Nugat

Dress-Cellar Door, Maeve Hooded Gown, Dirt  NEW!  <3!

Mask-Yasum, Venezia Female Mask, EPIC(old gatcha)

Bangles-The Forge, Tri Bangles

Cuffs-The Forge,Boadicea's Braclets, Gold

Piercing Chest-[CX] Skin Deep collar, F

Septum Ring- .random.Matter. , Rasputina, Septum

Tattoo-[Demonic], Tortuga Tattoo

Sandals-Noodles, -Hermes Sandals, Gold  @ Collabor88

Weapon-LR, Black Hawk Combo, Klaive

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Night Shadows

Sorry for the absence but it is summertime so I had a small vacation and then I needed to settle back into my rl work. So my first post after being back will be one featuring some great stuff that is availiable at this round of 

Skin-Atomic Innocence
Hair-Calico Mylene-We <3 RP
Mask-Aesthetica Rebel Mask White-We <3 Rp
Bracers- Noodles Kara Leather Bracer/Collar Silver-We <3 RP
Breast Plate- Alchemy Loka-We <3 RP
Pants- Pixicat Rougue- We <3 RP
Tattoo- Ink Deer Dirty Tatoo- Utopiah
Pose-Rack-We <3 Roleplay (sword included)