Monday, May 5, 2014

The Woodlands

Just a few of the many items from this round of We <3 Roleplay that I really like.

Dress-Peqe Kink Green- We <3 Roleplay
Armor-*OAL*Dragon Set
Jewelry-*May's Soul*Zinga Set-We <3 Roleplay
Maple Dryad Bark Bodice-Caverna Obscura
Necklace-Zibska Keane Uomo
Circlet-[Keystone] Eni's Gold-We <3 Roleplay
Skin-Quiana [The Skinnery] Bare Face Toffee
Hair-[LCKY] Miri
Ears-[Mandala] Fantasy Elf Ears
Spear-Primus Macaw Common Orange-The Fantasy Gatcha

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