Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dark Style

So I know quite a few people have been having some issues with getting into TDSF. Some are getting ejected even with their scripts and mem usage lower than the counter says. Others are having linden balance issues repeatedly, most events have some issues. Hopefully they get it all sorted and you guys can get in and shop soon. I have been there twice with little or no problems but I am euro so I think the event is slower in my online times. That said they did a good job of getting some very awesome creators to participate so it is definitely worth checking out.

Skin/Ears-Plastik Astrali Skin Luniarrah
Hair-Little Bones Trouble-TDSF
Face/Body Tat- Riske Tessellate v1&2-TDSF
Lip Tat-Lovely Disarray The Vanquisher-TDSF
Eyes-SU! Scarlet Eyes Black-TDSF
Horns-Dirty Stories Princess/Dragon Inside-TDSF
Cuffs-Random matter Wysteria Cuffs-We <3 Roleplay
Top-Sakide Dark Vintage Top-TDSF
Corset-Riske Nairi Corset Ash-TDSF
Panties-Razor Allure Panty Short Cute Azz Version
Shoes-Sugar Demonia Platform Stomper

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