Friday, May 30, 2014

Electric Roller Derby

Some NEW stuff For The Arcade coming June 1st! From [The Forge]

Hair-ILLIMATIC,  Frenchie

Top-{SHOCK} Cropshirt, popart, Kaboom( works with Wowmeh)

Bottoms-MoDANNA, (Dangerous Curves Hunt)High waisted Shorts.

RollerSkates-The Secret Store, Vintage roller Skates

Helmet-[The Forge] punk Helmet, Blue @ the Arcade - June 1st

EyePatch-[The Forge], Eyepatch , Black @ the Arcade - June 1st

Pauldrons-[The Forge] Pauldrons, Black @ the Arcade - June 1st

Tongue- TA, Ultimate Tongue

Mesh Body- WowMeh, Oversize

Kisses, Baea

In the Deep

Soon there will be a new round of We <3 Roleplay starting so I am featuring a few things that will be in the next round. Plus On the Lark will participating in a new bi monthy event called Tales of Fantasy. So be sure not to miss these events!!!

Skin-la petite morte belle steel- soon at We <3 Roleplay
Hair-.;EMO-tions Darkland/Aquaria- Soon at We <3 Roleplay
Eyes-Clemmm Experiment 505 Eyes Dark- Dark Style Fair
Corset-::B&C::Brielle Black/Silver- Soon at We <3 Roleplay
Cuff&Colllar-OAL Bliss- Soon at Tales of Fantasy
Tentacles-PFC Cecaella Tentacles
Poses-Fucking Ninjas
Pictures taken at Radostin

Saturday, May 24, 2014

In the Night


MoDanna[Noir Collection] High Waisted Shorts/Bandeau Top-Dangerous Curves Hunt Item 1L

Oil Owl Face and Leg-TDSF

[Haste]Body Rope Gray-TFG

DRD Devine Wings/Demon Hands

Mandala Simple Ears

Aesthetics DripDrip Collar-TDSF

Feather Brows Boudoir

*Milk* Jupiter-Kustom9

Boon Gathered Raised Hairbase

Atomic Innocence Skin

Clemmm Eyes Experiment 505-TDSF

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dark Style

So I know quite a few people have been having some issues with getting into TDSF. Some are getting ejected even with their scripts and mem usage lower than the counter says. Others are having linden balance issues repeatedly, most events have some issues. Hopefully they get it all sorted and you guys can get in and shop soon. I have been there twice with little or no problems but I am euro so I think the event is slower in my online times. That said they did a good job of getting some very awesome creators to participate so it is definitely worth checking out.

Skin/Ears-Plastik Astrali Skin Luniarrah
Hair-Little Bones Trouble-TDSF
Face/Body Tat- Riske Tessellate v1&2-TDSF
Lip Tat-Lovely Disarray The Vanquisher-TDSF
Eyes-SU! Scarlet Eyes Black-TDSF
Horns-Dirty Stories Princess/Dragon Inside-TDSF
Cuffs-Random matter Wysteria Cuffs-We <3 Roleplay
Top-Sakide Dark Vintage Top-TDSF
Corset-Riske Nairi Corset Ash-TDSF
Panties-Razor Allure Panty Short Cute Azz Version
Shoes-Sugar Demonia Platform Stomper

Monday, May 19, 2014

25 Linden Tues, go go go

NEW- 25 L. Tues, 5/20
Hair- Milk, Chatterbox, GROUP GIFT

Body Chain- Haste Chain Harness, Bronze Rare

Braclets- The Forge , Boadicea's braclets gold

Rings- The Forge, House Baratheon,  & House Lanister

Thigh Dagger-The Forge, leg Dagger ,Brown

Outfit- Sweet Poison, Brandi, Red -25 L!  5/20


Hair-[geek] Kablaam, Seawitch, Rare @ fantasy Gatcha Carnival

Neck Piercings-EllaBella, Yasandre, Moostones 7 Saphires

Bracers-[geek] Once an Adventurer Bracers, Shrouded, Rare

Purse-Tentacio, Goblin Boom Purse, silver

Sandals-Yasum, MESH Slink, Steam Sandal

Dress- *OAL* Diana Dress- 25 L Tues ! 5/20

Kisses Baea

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fire In the Forest

Hair-Magika, Take

Headdress 1-*OAL* Gardenia Crown

Headderess 2-Aurica Store, wood green crown @ Fantasy Gatcha

Shield-SG, Stitched Gods, Gold Aegis

Belt1-Cynful, Chain Belt

Belt 2-Tiar belt, beads UR

Sun Sigil on back- Aurica Store, Sun Sigil, gold @ Fantasy Gatcha

Dress- Torvis Weapons , [TGW],  Marge Dress,Green (Gatcha)

Tattoo- +Nuuna+, Flux, Green

Kisses, Baea

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Hair-Exile, Rain (old Gatcha)

Headress-:Aurica Store:  Fenix Crown, blk @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival

Cape-FATEPlay, Dany Cloak, Onyx @ We <3 Rp

Bodysuit-R2 fashion, A/D/E , Kagaya Black

Pants-Maitreya Couture Leggings

Katana-[EZ] Susanoo Katana, NEW!

Polearm/Spear-[EZ] Darkfold Spear, NEW!

Belt-ANE, Holster Bag

Arm Armour-May's Soul, Desolation  Armour, @ The Countdown Room

Necklace-OAL, Greco Collar

Tattoo-Imhotep, Demonic, Comman @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival

Kisses, Baea

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

MoDANNA @ Dark Style Fair

MoDanna Noir Collection-Strapless Top Fuschia/Black Lace Leggings- Dark Style Fair(opening17th) 
Mandala Fantasy Elf Ears
D2K -Get Wrapped Cuff-Gatcha The Big Show
Ariskea-Virgin Wedge.The Big Show
.Identity-Love Kills-The Big Show

Skybox-Trompe Loell The Chatham Loft- Free to customers who like them on FB

Friday, May 9, 2014

I D a r e Y o u

More From The Fantasy Gatcha, And We <3 Rp!  Open now.

Hair-Lelutka, APHRODITE hair

HeadDress-May's Soul, Arabian Roses Set, Ultra Rare @ Fantasy Gatcha

Skin-PF, Drow, Moon @ We <3 Rp

Tattoo Dots Body- +Half Deer+ Faun Spots, Tintable

Face Tattoo-<Kun> Asia face Paint v4 , @ Fantasy Gatcha

Arm Tattoo Fades- The Plastic, Demon Fades

Claws- *Wiu*  Claws

Faun Legs, Horns, Tail- [UL], Faun Hoofies, blk, RARE @ Fantasy Gatcha

Skirt-OAL, Amadi Skirt

Boobies- Lolas Tangos

Kisses, Baea

Touch Of Magic

Tank-Gang/Cold Melysandre Suit- Suicide Dolls
Dress-r2A/D/E Suzuya Black-Collabor88
Pants-Cheeky Sexy Leggings Black
Shoulder-Alchemy Ritual- We <3 Roleplay
Fingerclaw-DRD-We <3 Roleplay
Cuffs-Random Matter Wysteria-We <3 Roleplay
Horns-Plastik Living Lights Horns Bare Top- Fantasy Faire
Hair-Tram D427-Collabor88
Scars-Adored Tough Scars
Eyeliner-Pekka Dark/Metallic Underliner

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

In the Dakness

Tanktop-Gang/Cold Melysandre-Suicide Dolls
Corset-drbc helena-Suicide Dolls
Panties-Gawk Mini Panty Applier
Shoulders-DirtyStories Queen Of The Dead 
Horns-DirtyStories Beastie Horns-Group Gift
Stockings-LUST Skeleton w/Bows
Shoes-Schadenfreude Black Flitter Dreamlander Heel
Collar-Cute Poison Miseria-Suicide Dolls
Ears-Lovely Alien Webbed Ears
Wings Bone Bat Wing
Eyes-Clemmm The Whites
Hair-Magika Unknown(Edited)
Scars-Adored Tough Stuff Scar
Tattoo-Sourires My Mirror-Suicide Dolls

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Simple Beauty

MoDANNA-Gypsy Collection-The Big Show May 10th-30th
Eudora-3D Runes of the North Bracelet-We <3 Roleplay
.DirtyStories.-Lorella Headchain Gold
:::LP:::Wood _Platform Sandal-The Chapter Four
[theskinnery] Xiao(toffee)-The Chapter Four
[theskinnery] Human Ear-Cosmetic Faire

To see full versions of pictures My Flickr

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Woodlands

Just a few of the many items from this round of We <3 Roleplay that I really like.

Dress-Peqe Kink Green- We <3 Roleplay
Armor-*OAL*Dragon Set
Jewelry-*May's Soul*Zinga Set-We <3 Roleplay
Maple Dryad Bark Bodice-Caverna Obscura
Necklace-Zibska Keane Uomo
Circlet-[Keystone] Eni's Gold-We <3 Roleplay
Skin-Quiana [The Skinnery] Bare Face Toffee
Hair-[LCKY] Miri
Ears-[Mandala] Fantasy Elf Ears
Spear-Primus Macaw Common Orange-The Fantasy Gatcha

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Let It Rain

So I have been sick a few days hence the rainy picture since I am still feeling a little under the weather.
We <3 Roleplay is opening today there are many wonderful item there including this fur vest, which i am loving from Pixicat.

-Pixicat-FurVest-We <3 Roleplay
ISON-leather leggings
+Spellbound+Serenity-EB Awareness Event
_CD_ Sexeh Stilettos-White-Monochromatic Faire
.Pekka.Metallic underliner-Black
-Belleza-Light Lip Gloss

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Servant To The Gold !!!

Hair-*MILK* Oriental Buns, Black @ We <3 Rp, May 4th

Shield- [SG] Stiched gods, Aegis Shield, Gold @ We <3 Rp, May 4th

Collar/ Armour-[The Forge], Scale Armour, Ultra Rare, @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival, May 4th

Bangles- [The Forge],  Tri Bangles, Black, gold

Horns Headress-Pure Poison, Caprisci, RARE  @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival, May 4th

Headress2-[CX] Cascadeing Peony, RARE gold  @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival, May 4th

Dress-C'est La Vie!, Charm Dress, Ivory

Shoes-*tentacio* Totomi Sandals, @ The Chapter Four, May 4th

Lantern- Momo, Lantern Of Hope, Yellow, COMMON ,@ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival, May 4th


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Waiting Game

Today I am highlighting some of the items that MoDANNA has at two differeent hunts!!
COTTON CANDY HUNT (May 4th-31st)
2L Hunt.
SEXY & I KNOW IT HUNT (May 2nd-18th)
1L Hunt. HINT 

MoDANNA-Colored Skinny Jeans-Cotton Candy Hunt
-Pixicat-Cutout Tie Top-Black
-Pixicat-EyeBag(Cat) Rare
[monso] My Tied Up Jacket-Grey
:::Podium:::leather mesh belt
.random.Matter.-Bastille Cuff-Black
[uL]Fitted Mesh Booty No.01

MoDANNA-Shorts&Top-Sexy and I know It Hunt
Keystone Bound Feet/Retro Anchor Delicate Headpiece
KOSH-Sailor Bracelet