Wednesday, April 23, 2014

(Preview) The Fantasy Gatcha part 3

It's been 2 YEARS now that I've been doing this blog, o.o   .. lately I've been getting so many messages from people saying how they love it, thank you so much it keeps me going and Inspired, as bloggers all know sometimes you loose motivation.. and after 2 years it happens! So... much love to you all!, includeing the amazing Shop Owners that have stuck with me, and to all of them that have given me the chance to blog for them.  < 3 Baea

Hair-Tram, D314 Hair @The Seasons Story Event

Hat-Eudora, 3D, steampunk Hat, brn

Bracers-22769, Deadly feathers dwarfins Gold RARE Soon @Fantasy gatcha

Necklace-Glow Studio, Decoy Gold necklace

Moon Staff-May's Soul, Moon Staff  From - We <3 rp

Bodysuit- The Plastic, Cassieopia-Complex, Leather

Bear- My Buddy!

Kisses, Baea

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