Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Winged Darkness

*OAL* Butterfly Bracers/Circlet/Pauldrons(Bracers edited to fit ankles as well)-Soon at Fantasy Gatcha
Razor///Frak Dress-Black_Phat Azz
*CK*Flirty Panties
Hair [LCKY]Rhiannon
Steamwing Ashes
+Nuuna+ Zion/Makeup 14/12
_Chary_Fades Black

C a g e d - [Preview] Fantasy Gatcha Carnival- 6

Sneak Peeks At More great stuff, coming MAY 4th!

Hair-[Taketomi], Megu

Flower Crown-Orsini Dear Noah headress, Blush- May 4th @ We <3 Rp

Eye bat Wings- Yasum mesh EyeBat wings, Cocoa -May 4th @ Fantasy gatcha Carnival

Collar- Yasum, Steam Collar-May 4th @ Fantasy gatcha Carnival

Jacket/Top- [Zer0] Vesper Vive Jacket, Cirque Whiskey

Bottoms- Gawk, Black mini Panties

Garters/Socks- ILLIMATIC, Knit Garter Socks

Boots-r2- A/D/E Kayaga Boots

Pocket Watch- kei Spot- Time Flies Pocket Watch, ULTRA RARE-May 4th @ Fantasy gatcha Carnival

Bracers-[The Forge] Steamer Bracers - @ FantasyFaire

Cage Seat- BananaN, Rare-  @ FantasyGatcha carnival

Kisses Baea

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Hunt Is On

Today I am featuring a few items from MoDanna that will be availiable at some upcoming hunts. Be sure not to miss these items/hunts. 

Antisocial Web Hunt
(May 1st-June 1st)
Free Hunt. HINT : Girls just wanna have fun!

Pink Fusion Hunt
(May 1st-31st)
5L Hunt. HINT : Take the money and run!

On Me:

Lycra Bodysuit-MoDANNA-Antisocial Web Hunt
Spiked Leggings-MoDANNA-Pink Fusion Hunt
Unisex Mesh Bandana-Line 2 Apparel
Military Belt-dl
Dread Boots-Razor

Hair & MakeUp

Neon Liner-Charny-Army V2
War Ink-Utopiah
Slayer Face Paint-Lovely Disarray
Shape(My own not for sale)

On B:

Hair-[e] Reva
Top-Short & Sweet, Bad Miley tank
Pants-Maitreya mesh leggings, Black
Spikes On Pants-[glow]  Studio Scream
Boots-Yasum Mesh Victory Boots *EPIC* Soon @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival
Bracers-*OAL* Dragon bracers
Belt-The Forge, Daerwen Belt

Saturday, April 26, 2014

J U S T D R U N K - Fantasy Gatcha carnival-5

Hair-+Spellbound+, Morrigan, Fatpack ULTRA RARE, Soon @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival

Tears Makeup-[Demonic] , Tears , Soon @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival
Crown-[Keystone] Valkryn Crown, Golden, RARE, Soon @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival

Cape-Peqe ULTRA RARE, Brown Fur, Soon @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival

Top-[TGW] ,Crystal

Pants-Maiteya Couture, Leggings, taupe

Bracers-OAL, Dragon Bracers

Table, Chair, fruits, Egg Basket, Goblet,-22769, [Bauwerk], The Feast , Soon @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival

Kisses, Baea

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lazy Days

Hair-Lamb Wild at Heart
Top-::drbc::tied up top-Suicide Dolls
Jeans-Maitreya BF Jeans Slim- New
Heels-*CK*Bite me heels
Eyes-Dead apples Twinkle Eyes Cold
Ring-MG-Gigi Shimmer Bow
.DirtyStories.Loveable Headchain-Black

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

(Preview) The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival part 4

Hair-Liquence, F6, Blacks

HeadDress-LUAS, Dark Swan Crown, RARE Soon @ Fantasy Gatcha

Shoulder Spirit- The Ugly & The Beautiful, familar Spirit Kuro,Soon @ Fantasy Gatcha

Skin-The Plastic, Astrali Skin, Horologii

Face Tat- <Kun> ,Asia Face Paint V4,Soon @ Fantasy Gatcha

Eyes-!ICS! Dark Succubus Eyes @ The EroticGatcha

Ears-The Plastic, Animalistic Elven Ear

Coat-!.RR.! Granny Coat, black

Dress-LETHAL- Naomi Gown

Bottoms- Illimatic, Black garter and socks

Boots-r2 Fashion, A/D/E, kayaga Boots

Hammer-AMU!  Hammer Smasher

Kisses Baea

(Preview) The Fantasy Gatcha part 3

It's been 2 YEARS now that I've been doing this blog, o.o   .. lately I've been getting so many messages from people saying how they love it, thank you so much it keeps me going and Inspired, as bloggers all know sometimes you loose motivation.. and after 2 years it happens! So... much love to you all!, includeing the amazing Shop Owners that have stuck with me, and to all of them that have given me the chance to blog for them.  < 3 Baea

Hair-Tram, D314 Hair @The Seasons Story Event

Hat-Eudora, 3D, steampunk Hat, brn

Bracers-22769, Deadly feathers dwarfins Gold RARE Soon @Fantasy gatcha

Necklace-Glow Studio, Decoy Gold necklace

Moon Staff-May's Soul, Moon Staff  From - We <3 rp

Bodysuit- The Plastic, Cassieopia-Complex, Leather

Bear- My Buddy!

Kisses, Baea

Fading into Spring

*OAL* Hannah Berry- 25L item
[taketomi] Kana - Kustom9
Lark Olive Crown - The Liason Collaborative
Tuscany Vine Ring/Cuff Silver - The Liason Collaborative
Botanical Grape Vine Trellis - The Liason Collaborative

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Fantasy Gatcha-Part 2

Hair-Little Bones. Eulogy

Tears Makeup- [Demonic]

Mask-Yasum *MESH* Venezia, female Epic Mask, Soon, @ The Fantasy Gatcha

Dress-*Que Verguenza*RARE buena Suerte, Dress, Dark, Soon, @ The Fantasy Gatcha

Gloves-::Moon Inc:: Fantasy Pin Gloves, red, Soon, @ The Fantasy Gatcha

Cape- Peqe, Cape Black Fur ULTRA RARE ,Soon, @ The Fantasy Gatcha

Parasol-::Moon Inc::Red Victorian Fantasy Parasol, Soon, @ The Fantasy Gatcha

Arm Shield-*Que Verguenza* japanese Shield  Soon, @ The Fantasy Gatcha

Leggings-::LETHAL:: Caged legging Pants, part of GOLD RUSH outfit

Boots-Alanis Black Overknee Boots

Cig-The Sea Hole,Parisian Cig and holder

Flag Post-[Anyon] Bound Banner, Japan WW2 ,Soon, @ The Fantasy Gatcha

Kisses, Baea

Rockabilly Ride

I have posted quite a few pictures this post but only because i had so much fun doing them. My inspiration for this post actually comes from a friend on FB (Rebel) she links alot of rockabilly pictures and they are always so pretty. So this is my sl version. Hope you guys like the pictures and the outfit.

.Atomic. Skin Muse Milk
[LL]Chevron Top Grey- The Big Show
[LL] Denim Short Pale Grey-The Big Show
DP-Koffin Nails-Rockabilly Rose
*Reign.-Chunky Plats- Kustom 9
Little Bones Temptation Hair-Kustom 9
.random.Matter. Raspitina Septum
.random.Matter. Bastille Cuff
-Utopiah-Innocent Body Tattoo
{pcr} Cross Toe Ring

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Just A lil Fantasy

Preview For some Fantasy Gatcha items!

Hair-Clawtooth , Fancy free, Valentine

Mask-22769~[Accessories] Deadly Feathers Mask, RARE-Soon @The fantasy Gatcha

Top/Bottoms-LDP , Vintage Love, Noir @The Big Show

Boots-r2, A/D/E, Kayaga Boots, blk

Collar, Gloves, Armour,Wings-.:EMO- tions:., *Belona* Armours, iron/Gold-Soon @The fantasy Gatcha

Weapon- EZ, Serpents Dire Staff, NEW!

Throne/Chair-{anc}Tuner. Hermafroditismchair Two 11 li ULTRA RARE, Soon @The fantasy

Kises, Baea

Happy Easter!!

So Happy Easter a lil early as you can see my post has a spring feel to it. Most of what I am wearing is from The Season's Story event except these crazy cute shoes from tsg which you can find at Kustom 9. This will be my last post until after Easter so I hope everyone has a lovely holiday.

Dress-ASO! Looser Girl-The seasons Story
Hair-[INK] Springlike::Chocomint
Shoes-.tsg. Ruffle Platform/Batty Wing-Kustom 9
pe!tty-Ear Flower


.:Kirin Poses:. My Dreamy Cloud/My cute Pinwheel

I'm Still Queen.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Beautiful Night

Skin-Atomic Muse
Dress-[FD]Silk Beaded Gown-at Genre
Hair-Tableau Vivant Springflower Hair-Collabor88
Shoes-Violent Seduction Gyaru Heel Tan-Kustom 9
Jewelry-MG White South Sea Pearl Set
Eyes-[D.A.] Striking Eyes Silver


Frogstar-Backyard Dance Floor-Genre

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Today I am featuring this lovely dress from On a Lark which you can get today on the 25L list.

Skin-Birdy Kayla-Limited Edition-The Season's Story
Shape-Essences Amaranth-The Seasons's Story
Hair-Diva Elsa Amber-The Season's Story
Dress-*OAL* Ainsley Cyan-25L item
.aisling. Chestlace-We <3 Roleplay
Headpiece-Amala Nature Crown-The Season's Story
Eyes-[Buzz] Faerie-The Season's Story
Shoes-Schadenfreude Spandau Ballet Flats-Collabor88

Monday, April 14, 2014

Pink Dino

 So today I am featuring a few items from The 100 Block event. Razor has some really cute items like this jacket and panties which both come with a hud so the options are endless on colors and styles.

DeeTaleZ Skin Gemma Mediterranean
Razor///Dozer Hoodie Fem Phat Azz version
Razor///SimplePanties Phat Azz Compatible
[geek] Comic Headband
[Moda] Music Mania Shades
.:Cubic Cherry:. Tsubasa Anklet
-LaViere-Misa w bangs (easily modified to fit under hood)

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Red Room

Today I have a little company with me in my pictures. My partner and I were visiting our friend Syn's club Elysion and I needed to get a post done so we took advantage of the lovely surroundings. Elysion has weekly scheduled events so be sure to check it out.


Today I am wearing alot from the new round of The Big Show. So I will give you a taxi. If you wonder what my partner is wearing well you will have to ask him lol.

Lolita Lingerie 
Head Jewels/Cuff-.r.M.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dark One

Just a few more of my favorite things from We <3 Roleplay 


Dress-Peqe Hybrid-Black- We <3 Roleplay
OrsiniSun The Savage Berry Zebra- We <3 Roleplay
DRD Wildling Arm Furs-The Secret Affair
Utopiah My Bandages Stockings Black
PFC-Dragonslyer Belt-Gold


Hair-Tableau Vivant-Monk
Skin-The Skinnery-Quiana Witch- We <3 Roleplay
Facepaint-.HoD.-Cathaoirnor- We <3 Roleplay
Body Tattoo-Utopiah Ink Deer Dirty


Pixicat-Spellbook Dark- We <3 Roleplay