Sunday, October 6, 2013


Ok so this post is for any of you free women  that want to raid with the mesh boobies and azz lol. Both of the appliers in this outfit do not disappear when others have alphas off. So YAY no more running around with the goodies out. Now if I am gonna be honest I dont think I will really use the phat azz for anything other than pictures. This is not because I dont like it but more to do with not being able to get it to look exactly proportional without having to mod my shape alot. So maybe in the future they will come up with some other options that will work a lil better for everyone

IAF leather Pants with azz applier
CK Black Diva with tango and azz appliers Phat Azz
Lola Tango
Mandala Soul Jewelery
Mandala Saichoo belt
Tableau Vivant Campbell Winter - Implants
L&B Slouch Engineer Boot
The Forge Cadeyrn Armour/ We <3 Roleplay
Musa Gown Poses/ We <3 Roleplay

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