Thursday, September 5, 2013

Demon Darkness

So thanks to the help of my partner I am able to show both the male and female versions of this skin from Aeva. This skin is at We <3 Roleplay and has a few options. It also comes with lola appliers for the ladies.


On My Partner:
kilt/boots/shoulderhood/boots - PFC Acolyte
gauntlets - PFC Iron Arms
F@GZ (freaks n geekz) Pharaoh tattoo
Horns - Nabiru Productions Bullgia Deomon Horns
Eyes - I.D. Creature of the Night v2 Fading light
Mouth Piercing - Pekka Canion Unisex
Ear Piercings - Pekka Radius
Hair - Taketomi Baradi Red01
SKin - Aeva//Fable(Elijah) Dark Drow Tribal
Polearm - LR weapons Avoloch Polearm
On Me:
RA Julie Hair Black
RA Kalina
RA Mesh Red Camisk
RA Ring Horns
The Forge Boadicea's Ankle Bracelets
Aeva//Fable Paris Dark Drow//Tribal
Soedara Khitan Tattoo
Lemon Tea Upright demon Tail
Insufferable Dastard Creature Eyes Starlight


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