Tuesday, July 30, 2013


On a Lark Freya Plum Dress 25L Tuesday Item
Availiable in nine colors be sure to pick it up!!
Essences Cho Light rose 02 Collabor88
D!va Hair Ange Black amber Collabor88
Al Vulo Imagine Deep Orchid Eyes

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Sheer Slavery

So I was just hopping around a bit today and I found this dress. It comes in two version sheer and not sheer. It also has a color change hud so many possibilities and only 100L.

Sakide Ray of Light Dress at The Black Market 100L!!
Elikatira Rush Warm Blondes
Collar & Cuffs Forge

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Lost In Smog

Hair-TRUTH,  Jon (MENS)

Earring-[7891] xenno cuff, gold

Jacket- MENS hoodie, Many styles! (but i liked it so tried it, if you dont mind flat chested =p)- Facemelter @TRAPHOUSE COLLECTIVE

Shorts-  Isia Jean shorts @ [Cynful]

Kisses, Baea

Saturday, July 13, 2013

W a i t i n g F o r M y Pr i n c e ( lol )

Hair-TRUTH ,Selma

Dress-.:SF:. Eryssel Elvish Gown, Mirkwood @ WE <3 RP

Crown-PFC Infernal Crown

Kisses,  Baea Dragovar

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Clock Is Ticking...

NEW for 25 L Tues!  From Sweet Poison, this cute camisk, also can be used as a top!

Hair- booN

Camisk/Top- Nuela brown at Sweet Poison NEW!

Earring-7891 gold cuff

Choker- RHYCA

Kisses Baea

Monday, July 8, 2013

C r e a t u r e Of T h e N i g h t

 So I was sent this skin from aikea.rieko <3, The Plastic, I thought it went great with this dress from The Lounge.Find the dress at the We <3 RP event , on now. The Skin is at The Plastic, ON SALE TILL JULY 25TH.

 Hair- Pelle, Melissa

Skin-Astrali Skin, Basic at the: [P]: The Plastic

Horns-[Hyperbole] Phosphorus Horn @ WE <3 RP

Dress/Jewelry- The Lounge, my sun and stars @ WE <3 RP

Kisses Baea

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Your An As%*#* !

Hair-Mina, Gaia V2 now @ WE <3 RP

Crown-[7891,] Neef Head piece, silver

Bodysuit-*Mousey* Lacey bodysuit

Belt- Stomach Harness, The Forge, @ WE <3 RP
Skirt-Spirit Store, Veronika Mesh skirt

Sandals- Gladiator Sandals, from Skifija

Tat- Identity ,Body shop, The warrior

Kisses Baea

For REMY lol.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

We Love Roleplay! OPEN

The We <3 Roleplay event is up again, and OPEN
Manyyyy nice things! This Outfit is from the Velvet Whip, available now at WE <3 RP

Hair- [e] Sound

SKIN-:[P]: The Plastic, Astrali Summer Heat skin ON SALE NOW for 50 L  GO!

Nails- Ni Ju

Outfit- [V/W] Velvet Whip, @ WE <3 RP  Hood, scarf, sleeves, and a modesty top, with bracelets

Kisses , Baea

Thursday, July 4, 2013

S n e e k- A t t a ck..HAPPY 4TH!

Cutey NEW stuffs! From May Souls


Top-LUAS, Modesty Top, dark pack

Capri Pants plus Key Necklace, and comes with a lil white top!- *May's Soul* Pacme Capri Pants NEW!

Shoes- Skifija Gladiaror Sandals

Rings- Glam Ring from , NEW ! ,Tentacio, at Stuff In Stock

TOP PIC-Necklace/ Earring- Atena, Turquise, from *May's Soul* NEW!

Kisses Baea 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Shake It Up!!!!!

A friend of mine just starting working with mesh clothing and this cute top and pants is her first release. So keep yours out on her store for new Products she is going to be releasing both mens and womens clothing. Right now she is solely based on marketplace.


Outfit Kiss My McButtkinz
Hair Kmadd Aria/Swirl hairbase
Wicked Tattoo Desire
Pink Acid Artistic Tears and eyeliner
Headphones /Glasses NS :: CuTe Outfit

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Blue Sky

Be sure not to miss this  round of We <3 Roleplay event this is just one of the Lovely items you can find there. More post to come.

The Library Asia Sky availiable at We <3 Roleplay
Lamb Black Magic Bloods Pack
Akeruka Twiggy
Asrun Necklace

Red Seduction

R3Volt Meg Dress Red
Truth Hair Teddy Ginger Fade
Cuffs Dutchie
TDR Al Vulo Skin Ylenia Provocateur Bisquit
Part 2 Zara Larsson (linked part 1 in an earlier post)