Monday, May 27, 2013

E N V Y - the green monster

Hair-Eaters Coma Hair 14, Dark

Top 1- Messenger, Coming out soon!    TRAPHOUSE COLLECTIVE  

Top 2- Itsatrap, Coming out soon! TRAPHOUSE COLLECTIVE  

Skirt- *MC* sexy lil mini here

Heels- HOC Industries, Platform Pump

Kisses Baea

Thursday, May 23, 2013


This cute little hoodie and sweatpants can be found on marketplace for just 99L promo right now.
Hair Lelutka Scarlet Powder

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

On A Lark Lovelyness

Top Pick
Hair- Exile, Best Of You

Outfit- -*OAL*   , Ringer, naturals, NEW! <3
Bottom Picks
Hair-Rosy Mood Hair,  Satsuma

Dress- *OAL*  Lilith, Ruby comes with bracelets, fur shawl, feather shawl!

Kisses Baea... sooo tired!


Hair- Lelutka

Outfit-Sweet Poison  Aella, comes with necklace, upper arm braclets  NEW! <3

Kisses Baea

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Hair- Lelutka, Aphrodite

Dress-::C'est La Vie::  Charm Dress, plain ivory  ( from WE <3 RP event)

Kisses, Baea

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cellar Door !!!

NEWW stuff from Cellar Door
TOP pick-

Outfit-Fatima ! Cellar Door NEW! 

Bottom Picks
Hair- Lelutka, Vibrato

Outfit-Eden, Dark ! Cellar Door NEW! 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Snake In My Boots!

Hair-TRUTH, Caprice


Pants- TRAPHOUSE COLLECTIVE, Serpent Skinny Pants, NEW  TAXI

Boots-Worn Combat Boots, Jaimy Hancroft

Kisses, Baea

Friday, May 10, 2013


Sooo.. this is my besties new shop, I'm so excited for him his stuff is out now at his cool lil shop, go check it out, tats, tops, girls mens, pants..ect!

Hair- Pelle, Melissa

Top- TRAPHOUSE COLLECTIVE, Girls Draped Shirt, KCHS,.. here is your  TAXI

Jeans- RONSEM Straight Jeans , black

Kisses Baea

Muses Elegance

Hair-Magika, Yesterday

Winged Visor-B@R part of the Breastplate Black Lady outfit

Dress/Cloak- Muses, Rainha, Fire & Blood Available at the We <3 RP Event- HERE (We Love RP!)


Kisses Baea

OOO MY FAVE TUNE ATM- Anilyst, Stay the Best


Hair- Analog Dog, Fix

Jewelry- Chest necklace, Earring *May's Soul* NEW!

Skirt--Wren, Blue, Sweet Poison 

Kisses Baea

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rare Rose

Hair Lelutka Alice
Dress Honeyfourstars (soon in red as well)
Makeup LittlePricks
Feet Slink

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Today I decided to feature a few things from the We <3 Roleplay event that are not clothing. These are just a few of the wonderful things they have to offer at the event. And everyone needs to remember even if these items are availiable in the creator's mainstores at the event Everything is offered at a discounted price!!!

The above two items are from aisling me personally somehow I had never seen anything from this store Before. So I was really happy with the detail on these items. Still not sure how I had never found this store Before this event but I am glad I have found it now.

Above are just a few off the items that Tia has at the We <3 Roleplay event. I have quite a bit of her stuff and have to say it is all great looking and highly detailed. And a big thanks to my candy carring slut that is doing the wash there.
Just because we thought it was funny!!!

On a Lark 25L Items

On the 25L list this week On A Lark is offering two Lovely items!!
FRAMES is a collection of four mesh frames, fully modifiable with individual faces for texturing.  The wood is a rough grey-brown.  There are four frame choices with different shapes and faces.  The package included holds all four of the frames.

FAIR MAIDEN is a traditional FW dress suitable for both northern and southern women.  FAIR MAIDEN is available in eight colors.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Bitch That's My Outfit!!

So it is 25L Tuesday and this is the outfit that Sweet Poison has on the list. As you can see me and Baea could not decide who would post it so this is what happened!!!

On Baea
Hair- Maiteya, Uma
Outfit-!Sweet Poison! , Jenny, Brown
Earrings-Izzies- Feather Earrings
On Me
Hair eep hair 005 avaliable at We <3 Roleplay
Outfit-!Sweet Poison! , Jenny, Teal
Collar/Cuffs Serpentine Set Xanimations
Nuuna Tila Makeup aqua

Sunday, May 5, 2013

So the We <3 Roleplay event is finally open. Here are a some pictures of just a few of the lovely item you can find there. Don't miss this event there is much more there to find. Take the Taxi below!!
This lovely dress is from Kouse Singh it is called Raina.

The Muse's Fire & Blood Release it is wonderfully detailed.

This magnificent outfit below is by GSpot!

And these cute Bunny ears are from Mabinogion and the Beautiful sunflowers in the background from Dysfunctional Designs.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Here is some info, its OPEN TODAY! Taxi for you HERE (We Love RP!)
Who will participate?
There’s a list made of Regulars and Guests stores, here some preview.
1- EZ Weaponry /The Forge (Weapons/Accessories) – Deccan Arida
2- Centipede (Weapons/Accessories) – Kendra Zaurak
3 – Trident (Furniture) – Laufey Markstein
4 – Trident Jewelry (Jewelry) – Rossana Llewellyn
5 – Gspot (Clothing) – Jalilah Jewell
6 – The Library (Clothing) – Dream Resistance/Sabina Takakura
7 – Essences (Skins) – Inka Mexicola
8 – Dysfunctional Dolly Designs (Furniture, Landscaping) – Anke Hatchuk
9 – Roawenwood (Furniture) – Searlait Nitschke
10 – Tia (furniture) – Tia Biscuit
11 – Soedara (Clothing) – Marbella Pronovost
12 – Rainbow Co. (Furniture, Houses) – Huntress Blackrain
13 – Xanimations (Animations, Accessories) – Xanxan Jervil
14 – The Fallen (Clothing) – Triad Fallen
15 – Lightsstar Designs (Clothing, Shoes!) – Krystal Silverweb
16 – Rue (Accessories, Bodyparts) – Ruina Kessel
17 – Alchemy (Skins)- Nina Helix
18 – Panda Express (Accessories, Bodyparts) – Kioko Kumaki (from May on)
19 – Bilo (Clothing) – Mayaa Thistle
20 – The Muses (Clothing) – Dolce Blackflag
21 – Evie’s Closet (Clothing) – Evangeline Miles
22 – Innocuous (Clothing) – Circuitous Resident
23 – Kouse’s Sanctum (Clothing) – Kouse Singh
24 – Knickknack (Clothing) – Levia Larsson
25 – Silkworms (Clothing) – Trippy Fall
26 – The Plastik (Clothing, Skins) – Aikea Rieko
27 – Aeva/Heartsick (Skins) – Amesha Jewell
28 – The White Armory (Dresses, Weapons) – Colton Drechsler/Bee Dumpling


1 – Handverk (Accessories) – Daphne Klossovsky (Guest)
2 – Arwen’s Creations (Clothing) – Arwen Serpente (Guest)
3 – Rochambeau (Clothing/Buildings) – Leviathan Flux (Guest)
4 – Tokidoki (Clothing) – Maya Levane (Special Guest)
5 – Deviance (Clothing) – Surreal LeShelle (Guest)
6 – Es-kimo (Hair, Skins) – Ziekling Bunnyhug (Guest)
7 – Aeros Avatars (Skins) – Pi Rain (Guest)
8 – Fallen Gods (Skins) – Alia Baroque/Elizabeth Tinsley (from June on, Guest?)
9 – Zaara (Clothing, Jewelry) – Zaara Kohime
10 – C’est la Vie (Clothing) – Larcoco Mathy

When and where will the event start?
The event will likely start on May 4th. Tho the location a secret for now, since they still working on it cause they don’t want the usual boring box-look most shopping events have.

What kind of items will be offered? Will there be a discount?
All items that fit into the medieval/medieval fantasy, gorean, ancient Rome/Greece/Persia/Egypt theme are allowed. Furniture, clothing, hair, skins… whatever fits. A minimum discount of 25% is planned, a maximum discount of 50%. Anything in between will be decided by each creator. The items do not have to be a new release, but have to be looking 2013. No old stuff. Both genders will be considered.

I have a store and would like to join in!?
Then you will need to contact any of the four persons: Ost Clawtooth, Arica Storaro, Tera Varriale, Kaitlin Eiren.

I cant hear you?

Something for the We ,3 RP event, ..cute lil ears from A&A!

Hair- Wasabi pills , Veronica mesh

Jacket- =kk= Karma, mesh jacket

Jeans- RONSEM, straight jeans, black

Boots- KBoots

EARS-  +>A&A<+ Bunny Ears, Black, Available at the We <3 RP event May 4th!

Kisses Baea

Mega Overlord Baea

Something from the  We <3 RP event, starting May 4th!, EZ Bow ' Guilded Bow Of Jie'

Helmet- DLS valiant Helment, crested(part of Set)

Chest Armour- DLS Valiant also Bracers, (part of set)

Hair- BOON bmb 103 hair

Top and Bottoms-[RK] The Outcast

BOW-[EZ] Guilded Bow Of Jie - available at the We <3 RP event! May 4th

Kisses , baea

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Give Me Wings

Little Pricks Delirium Makeup
Baiastice Qiobe Dress-choco
Ears/Necklace/Rings Remarkable Oblivion
Lelutka Blake Pitch

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

GSpot, Sneek Peek for 'We Love Rp!'

Hair-;Vive Nine;  Strong winds pony

Outfit- .:GSpot:.  Extremely Coy, from (Jalilah Jewell) NEW!  -Will be available at the WE <3 RP EVENT, on the 5th may!!

Kisses Baea