Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dark Woods

So today I finally got some time to go over to Fantasy Faire. I stumbled upon the Elvenbreathshop I have been to the in world store before but never bought very much. I saw this tunic which is mesh and i love mesh, wear it most times. So I bought it and I must say I am very happy with the detail, it comes as a full outfit but I have only worn parts of it. I will be posting more things from Fantasy Faire as I find time and as I find items that perk my interest.

Hair Damselfly Dyan Mesh Black Pearl
Pants ISON moto leather pants brown
Tunic/Armwarmers Elvenbreath Shelira Fantasy Faire/Dragonspire
Boots Dragonboots Elvenbreath

For anyone visiting Fantasy Faire I would suggest going to the website. They have definitely taken alot of time and effort into the site. You can find maps of each sim and a list of all the stores and locations.

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