Thursday, February 28, 2013

C y n f u l- Is - H e r e

Hair-Truth, Hollana @ COLLABOR88

Skin-Essences, Thursday @ TDR

Dress-  Kamalin Dress, Grey Suede @ [Cynful] NEW! <3

xoxx, Baea

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Really AM The Devil

Hair-!Lamb, Adore

Skin- Al Vulu, Ramona, at The Dressing Room

Outfit- ! Cellar Door, Adyna Comes in 2 colors (Adara) with headband, Horns, Skirt, Top, Arm warmers, Neck collar! NEW

xoxx, Baea

*S U P E R N O V A*

Hair-Vive Nine, Strong winds, Ponytail

Boobs- Lolas

 Outfit- Linen & Lace, Black. dress from,  OAL comes with Lolas appliers! 

xoxoxx, Baea


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

~Simple Things Work~

Today i'm posting a shape, it's Andressa From Belissima Shapes, NEW! And cute as a button. This shape is for with Lolas, it comes with a stylecard and 5 size shapes.

Hair- Magika, Take

Skin-Al Vulu, Ramona Solstice sunkissed,

Dress-BDR , Im your only wish, pack, 4 colors, with appliers

Shape- BELISSIMA SHAPES ,  Andressa

*Lazy MIlkMaid*

Hair-[e] Just, Blonde

Skin-Al Vulu, Alyss, Wonderland Blonde fairy, (group gift)

Boobs-Lolas, Tango

Outfit + Pail-  Sweet Poison Dixie, comes in 6 colors available NOW tues, 26 for  25L!

Kisses, Baea

But It Smells Funny Here....

Hair- Burley, Carina

Backpack- RD Swamprat

Skin- Glam Affair, Leah tan

Kisses, Baea

Sweet & Sexy

Ok well since due to rl I cannot do much more than blogg I decided to see how well the Tango appliers with this new release from On a Lark would work with the breast from Lush. To my surprise it worked just like it would for the Tangos.So both you Tango users and Lush users should head over to On a Lark and pick this dress up!!!
Deetalz skin Dolly summer
Big Eyes Add on
Glossy lip add on
Lush Breast
OAL Linen and Lace Black
Dela Milla Black 03

Monday, February 25, 2013

Pirates @ Elysion, There be Booty!

               Syn, a bad squid who sprayed all with her Ink...

Just some quick snaps of the Themed Party at Elysion Adult Club, Again Syn  and her crew decorated the place amazingggg, They have themed parties each SAT! @ 7pm, Its worth a peek, also great place to get pictures in, to all the bloggers. ;)

Friday, February 22, 2013

*Fashionable Feral*

Hair-[e] Locked

Skin-Essences,Wed Candy Sunkissed (ginger)

Outfit- [RK]  Silky Out Of Water, Green  NEW! <3

Necklace-[EY::NO] Dragonfly necklace

Eye Makeup- Flirt eyeliner

Kisse, BAEA

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Long Road Home

Hair-Exile, Tonight Tonight

Skin-Al Vulu. Polly

Scarf- *May's Soul* Rose Love , brown  Scarf

Outfit- *May's Soul* Rose Love , brown

Kises, BAEA

Stranded Alone

Today I am featuring the new outfit from On a Lark with tango appliers. A very sexy outfit perfect for slaves and with the appliers it works for everyone. Be sure to take the taxi below and pick it today.
Truth Adeline
Al Vulo Ramona 70L at The Dressing Room
BH Rope Cuffs
OAL Haltered Up Slate with tango appliers

Monday, February 18, 2013


Red Mint Demo Black/w tips
Sn@tch Ida Lovedlace Corsett
Fusion Cord Necklace/Bracelets
ISON leather leggings
DLS Valiant Tunic
Shi leather Suspenders
Tonktastic Resistance Boots
LR Bow Hammersgard Elite
LR Crusader Spear

Elysion Garden Of Eden

 Soo this was another one of Syn's costume parties, at  Elysion  Adult Club.. beautiful as always..lots of nakedness and booobs!  drools.. Well I just snapped some quick raw shots. Next party will be at her new club on her full sim with her shop,Little pricks , I'll put a llink as soon as they open!  Thank you to Dunsany for being  again, my lil pet. Hahaha, some credits below on what I wore.


Skin- Glam Affair, Love hunt gift!

Hair- Lelutka, Lively Hair

Makeups- Gauze firefox artic

Skin scales- {TEN TON} scale fur

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Future's Assasin

Hair-Magika, Take

Skin- Al Vulu,Ramona, Group gift Feb

Makeup-Flirt, fuck me red lipstix

Modesty Top-DLS Valiant Tunic

Corset-La Dernier, Lamento Corset *Free Group Gift!

Leggings-[Glow] Studio Scream, leggings black

Kisses BAEA

Stellar Garden

Lamb In Heaven Ink
Shi Toga Dress
Al Vulo Eleonor Bisquit
Sinistyle Raven Bracer/ Collar
The Muses Chainmail Shirt Rainha Black

Thursday, February 14, 2013


oOXAOo Bone Ruff
Boon HMT436 with raised base chocolate
Little Pricks Tribe Goddess
Little Pricks Summer Freckles
Toxic Bish Pretty Eyelashes
Al Vulo Livia Chocolate
Gspot Serenity Red

T r a p p e d

Hair-Wasabi pills, Veronica mesh

Skin-Al Vulu Polly2 pinup

Full Outfit-Sweet Poison, Dakota, Muted Crochet Avalable from 15th to the 28th, grab it at only 70 L! @ the Gorean Room !!! Goooo get it.

Kisses, BAEA

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Aftermath Of The Day

Hair- Lelutka, Pokahontas

Sword-LR, Kronos Sword

Shield- LR, Kronos Shield

Full Outfit-The Seer, ! Cellar Door NEW! Includes, necklace, arm warmers, half top, tank top, headress 2 styles,belt, pants, leg warmers

Location, Wastelands

Kisses, BAEA

*More Monsters and Misfits*

Need a break from Gor?  Or just want to play dress up?  Well.. we went to the Monsters and Misfits Ball, @ Elysion ADULT Club, was amazing atmosphere, tunes too. Its a great place to chill,  dance, or be naughty...warned! there is seductive RP here, meowww! Thank you much Syn! We will post the next Themed event here, so stay tuned. I have a feeling it will be even bigger.!  =p And thank you to Venom and Dunsany for being my creepy pets for the night, you can see them above in top first picture!

Horns-[AUX] In Dreams horns, gold, gatcha machine.

Makeup1-Little pricks, Homing Device, V1

Makeup2-Bombard Pris eyeshadow, tintable

Makeup3-Repulse bloody mouth

Tattoo Blood-Repulse Blood bath, full body

Earrings-Shiny stuffs, cream aqua earrings

Dress-M&M Body shapes dress, black

Location- Elysion Adult Club

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Elysion Monsters & Misfits

So we have never really blogged a club before but well some clubs are just worth blogging. Elysion is one of those this club is owned by the very talented Syn Beresford. The interior is full of lush and rich colors it is truely a wonderful place to hang out and even be a little naughty at times. If you are in the mood for a night of intriguing company be sure to check it out.

These are some pictures from the event last night Monsters and Misfits!!!!!

Sullen, Kads and Syn the hard workers behind what happens at the club.

The sexy Syn!!!!

Cinephile - Comatose