Wednesday, January 30, 2013

D i r t y G i r l

Hair-[Burley] pippa

Skin-Al Vulu, Eleonor candy choco, TDR

Bangles- EN YO

Kisses, BAEA

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hair- Burley

Shorts-[RK]   Sleepy Shorts, black

Leg Straps- Shi

Xoxxx BAEA

City Girl

Hair- Lamb, sweet pea

Corset- DragansVarg, Millicent Mesh corset

Pants- *Tentacio*    Audrey Pants, red  Newwwww!

xoxoxx BAEA

Monday, January 28, 2013

In the Glow

This very cute outfit and jewelery is now availiable at On a Lark. So be sure to hop over and pick it up!!
Oal Burlap Scraps Coal
Skin Hush Zoe
Cuffs Insanya
Hair Magika Anywhere
Mesh feet Slink
Love this song

Thursday, January 24, 2013

G O L D E N Is Good

Hair-Dura Girl, 38

Top- *Tentacio*  Goth Fair Gift! @  Goth Fair

Panties-Belote, PART of Animalistic Sweater and panties(Outfit)

Kisses! BAEA

Wednesday, January 23, 2013



SKIN- Glam Affair, Leah

DRESS- Comes with shawl, and modesty top! Black, & Red colors Newwww! @  *OAL*

xoxoxx BAEA

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


HAIR- Damselfly, Vivynne driftwood

DRESS-- [RK]  Returned Karma , Nomy Dress, Brownie  Neww!

TAT-  GoK , Moa Moa

Makeup- [MC] cyber liner, cyan green

Kissess Baea

Friday, January 18, 2013


Thank you to Remy for his patience poseing with meeee.. I know he cant be still for more than 5 seconds, so this was tough for him ..LOL

NECKLACE- his and hers- From  OAL  NOW @  Gorean Gatcha Event  !!


NECK TAT- Corvus , Deadly  HERE

FACE TAT-  Little pricks

Kisses, Risky AKA Baea

Thursday, January 17, 2013

G A T C H A!

HAIR-[e]  Novel, Blonde

SKIN- Al Vulu sally red, porcelain

SKIRT-Aura, Low rise boho

CLOAK-  MIDDLE -* *May's Soul* ,Druida Cloak , Sea, rare @ Gorean Gatcha Event

xoxoxx BAEA

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In the Night

This top is availiable at On a Lark a gorean store. It is versatile and can even be used outside of SL Gor. So dont miss your chance to get it!!
OAL Eye Spy
Fushion Cord Necklace
Little pricks Extreme
Little Pricks Summer Freckles
Al Vulo Livia/ Orchid Eyes
Ison Black Leather Pants
Wasabi Pills Morgan
Xplosion Crazy Heels
Label Mode Prim Teeth
Mimi Page!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

. L i q u i d . L i n e r s .

New @ Monroe Cosmetics! {MC}
My girl is at it again with some Hot eye liquid eyeliner, and these have a little shine to them!
I hope you gals and boys (I don't judge!) checked out her store on MP
she has a lot more cool cosmetics! colorful and creative!

Here is her line of 
'Liquid Liner v2'

 .I'm no Good.

Get them here!

And remember my gal Nova is also an amazing SL photographer/artist
she has made me yet another photo for my Vampire avatar!

Look her up to get one of your own!
Nova Monroe
here is her Flickr!

Have a great day shopping!


. M u s i c .

Thursday, January 10, 2013

* T R O U B L E *

Hair- Exile , Catch My Breath

Outfit plus necklace- *OAL*  Burlap Cowl, Brown  NEWWW!

Kisses, BAEA 

I knew you were trouble when you walked in..


Risky Business =p

Hood- ..Shi Hoodie, Unisex, Black

Hair- [E] Listen, Black

Pants- [M] solid black, comphy pants

Blue Tat-Bombard Mayan tatoo

Location,- My Cave!

Risky ;)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mamba Furs


Found this very cute outfit on a promo price of just 99 lindens!!!

Little Pricks tattoo The tribe goddess/freckles
Clawtooth Glamazon
OW Furry outfit in dark brown
Al Vulo skin and eyes
Just cause I love that it is just him no instruments. Hope you like as well!!

. G O R E A N . W A T E R . N Y M P H .

NEW from *OAL* (on a lark!)
I absolutely love this sexy burlap sky dress
i think every slave should own one of these!
with a low cut front and dipped back to show off that sexy back!
it also comes in the color Coal!

H a i r . TRUTH . Jade
S k i n . Al Vulo . Ninni. fairy
E y e . m a k e u p . {MC} Sensory shadow . Sky
O u t f i t . & . N e c k l a c e . *OAL* Burlap Cowl . sky . 

Now go out and get your Retail Therapy on!

Orls <3

M u s i c !

Monday, January 7, 2013

. M O N R O E . C O S M E T I C S . [andthensome]

My very Talented friend Nova has sent me these gorgeous eye shadows
I had no idea she was making a whole cosmetic line
so i'm telling the SL world to go on MP and check out her stuff!
Monroe Cosmetics AKA {MC}
 this line is called Sensory Shadows
this one is called Sunflower Fields 
i put it up first because yellow is my favorite color

Here is the rest of the gorgeous Sensory Shadows

Doll House
Morning Dew

You can find this line and more here

Only available on Market place!

 Nova is a great photographer/editor

here is a picture she made for me

Check out more of her work here

If you are interested hit her up!

.O R L S.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

M A M B A S are here

First mamba post! This works for panthers too.. this wa a colorful set, next up the darker side of Mambas.     Sala kahle!!

Hair- [KIK] Fine III

Teeth- [Label Mode] hamby teeth

Face Tat Blue- New  Bombard Mayan Tat

Neck tat- Corvus, deadly HERE

Shoulder Collar- The Plank, Dog tooth collar, circles Of Life

Head skull- Part of the Masai Black Outfit, from Sweet Lies  HERE

Skirt- Cellar Door, Midnight boho HERE

Hair- Messy hair Black Boudoir

Belt- Xanimations Bonebelt

Facial and ear piercings -Bubble Bone Claw set

Bone bracelet and tooth necklace- Tribal set

Mamba Tattoo- White Centipede

Skin- Livia chocolate Al Vulo

Eyes- Imagine Deep Orchid Al Vulo

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hair- Maitreya, Voluminous Scarf Hair #3, Blacks

Sweater, & Skinny Pants- *OAL*   Sweater Days,Black   Newwww

Ring- Handverk, knuckle Duster

Eyes tat-  DAMNed, Black Spray eye makeup

Boots-  *OAL*  Slouchy Boots, Black   Newwww

Kisses, Baea