Friday, December 28, 2012

Coming Soon...MAMBAS!

Iv'e been gone a bit on vacation, but now I'm back and will catch up on some things as well as bringing something new to the blog, more MAMBA styles..its a look that you can play with and tweek to your own, I have another account I use for my Mamba, most know her as Risky(Risqui).

.Dunsany (founder and owner).. Orlik, and I have a group of Mambas named Damu Hekalu Mambas, its great RP and something different than same old Outlaws, Or Northern Viking groups. So for the Mambas, or ones wanting a change out there in Gor,  frustrated trying to find clothes, ect.  we shall help!. Look for the posts soon. ;)

Kisses BAEA

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