Sunday, December 30, 2012

She Will Be Loved


NEW!!!! Tattoo She Will Be Loved Little Pricks Skin Deep
Skin/Eyes Jade bronze/Reflection Blue Al Vulo
Outfit Tingly Black/brown Xplosion
Hair Milla Black 3 Dela

Friday, December 28, 2012

Coming Soon...MAMBAS!

Iv'e been gone a bit on vacation, but now I'm back and will catch up on some things as well as bringing something new to the blog, more MAMBA styles..its a look that you can play with and tweek to your own, I have another account I use for my Mamba, most know her as Risky(Risqui).

.Dunsany (founder and owner).. Orlik, and I have a group of Mambas named Damu Hekalu Mambas, its great RP and something different than same old Outlaws, Or Northern Viking groups. So for the Mambas, or ones wanting a change out there in Gor,  frustrated trying to find clothes, ect.  we shall help!. Look for the posts soon. ;)

Kisses BAEA

S E X U A L . S H A M A N.

New @ Luas!


O u t f i t  and Accessories . LUAS Asha



M U S I C 

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Outfit- Faina, braclets, thigh puch, leg wrap, leaf top, skirt  from *May's Soul*  Newwww

Hair- Dura Girl #05

Tatoo- GoK , Moa Moa

Kisses BAEA

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Present

Hair- Lelutka, New

Hair Flower- *OAL* with dress

Bangles-EN YO

Merry Christmas!  BAEA

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

OAL Christmas

Am a little late blogging this but well I had a totally ditz moment. And could not get into my blogg account. LOL
Outfit OAL Mistletoe Red Cream
Hair Boon KBO906/center part hairbase chocolate
Skin/Eyes Al Vulo Jade snow darkbrow bronze/deep orchid eyes
Eye Makeup Dark Prophet Smokey Eyes 1

Monday, December 10, 2012


Hair-[E] Play

Cardigan- *Tentacio*  Winter Wool Cardigan Newww @Winter fair

Bodysuit-- *Tentacio*  Tina, Blue

Handbag- *Tentacio*    Kawaii clutch, blue  Newww!

Kisses BAEA

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Hair- Burley

Shirt- Hot tshirt, red, Real Fasion

Cardigan- *Tentacio* Winter Wool Cardigan Newww @Winter fair

Leggings-*Tentacio* Winter leggings, white Newww@Winter fair

Cookie Jar and Candy Cane tongue- from *Tentacio* FREE GIFT @ Winter fair

xoxoxx BAEA

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Found this backpack at Tentacio and loved it so I decided to build a whole outfit around. Hope you guys like it.
Skin Zoe Natural Hush
Hair Popo II Dela
Shirt Monster 3 Tentacio
Shorts Chronokit
Shoes Punk Boots Tentacio
Backpack/Board Tentacio
Hahahah had to link this!!!!!

. T H E . V I R G I N .

New @ LUAS

S h a p e.  Mine

S k i n . Al Vulo! Eleonor -Son's of flowers (group gift)

L i p s . [:T:] parted lips (free on market place)

H a i r .  Magika Stubborn

E y e s . Mynerva - Evening sky

G a u g e s . Glue Ink

O u t f i t  and J e w e l r y - LUAS Lucrecia

Go out there and check out Luas' other New releases!



M U S I C !

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Burlap Kiss


On a Lark
Burlap Kiss -- Available in 9 colors -- on special Tuesday, Dec 4.
Lipstick Peach League
Dress Burlap Kiss Coal OAL
Pretty Eyelash Toxic Bish
Skin Eleonor Group Gift Al Vulo
Hair Glamazon Soil Clawtooth