Friday, November 30, 2012

Arrrrrr! I want your boooty..

Hair- Exile, catch my breath, ember

Skin- Al Vulu, Eleonor, Son of flowers,. gift skin

Backpack- *Tentacio*

Boots- May Soul

Outfit- May Soul  Includes, pants, belt, necklace , bracelets, top, vest  NEW!

Kisses, BAEA

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mountains To Climb

 Newwww.. from Tentacio! And thank you to PewPew Zero for posing with meeee! 
  <3!! You can find her HERE

ON BAEA, (me)  left

Hat and Gloves- *Tentacio*  Ready To Winter, color change option on goggles! For XYroom

Sweater- *Tentacio*  Luvy Sweater, Beige

Leggings-Rebel X Leggings, wool, Beige

Hair- LAMB, Wild At Heart
                                                                         Kisses, BAEA

Monday, November 26, 2012

Assassins Creed

I love this game and felt like looking to see what I could find out there for a female to wear. I found this and just had to share it.
Outfit including shape Arbalest Armory
Skin Livia Al Vulo
Hair Rashida Truth
“Insurrection is the most sacred of the rights and the most indispensable of duties.”
Marquis de La Fayette
Hope you like this!!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chill In The Air

Hair- Exile

Outfit-LUAS , Rebeca,  Newww..includes necklace! Has a cover cleavage top also...Buut you know me ;)

Kisses BAEA

Thursday, November 22, 2012

. B O H O . B E A U T Y .


Very cute cozy outfit for the bonds!

get them while it's HOT!

S h a p e . Mine

S k i n. Jenny Al vulo

H a i r . Abbey  [e] 

O u t f i t .  Ginebra Boho LUAS


O r l i k

M U S I C!

Cozy Sweater Time!

Hair-LOQ- Gift hair

 Clutch- *Tentacio* , Old School Clutch also @ Stuff n Stock  Newwwww

Outfit- LUAS , Sweater, key necklace, belt, pants, boots,  Newwww!

Kisses, BAEA

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Roman Sun

 Something new and FUN from LUAS

Hair- Damselfly, Berkley, blonde

 Outfit- LUAS  Roman Girl, White, includes necklace, bracelets, sandals, dress, belt, head band.
                                                                     xoxx BAEA

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

W I N T E R . I S . C O M I N G. !

N E W from LUAS!

Ooh yes! winter outfits are coming out in GOR! 
check these sexy outfits out!

H A I R . CaTwA amylee
O u t f i t . Odisea Black LUAS 

H A I R . !lamb. Mess
O u t f i t . Penny bond LUAS

H a i r . MAGIKA sandara
O u t f i t . Cinnia LUAS

There you go! NOW go out there and SHOP for the Winter!


O r l i k

.M u s i c.

Monday, November 19, 2012

C l a s s y . but . D i r t y .

N E W from On A Lark!

S h a p e . Mine

 S k i n . Ninni .Al Vulo

H a i r . [e] Horizon

G a u g e s . [GLUE INK]

T a t t o o s. (arms) -Blackfeet- maori
(neck) Soulbeats. ms.leo

O u t f i t . *OAL*  Burlap bond

Now go out and SHOP!

O r l i k

M u s i c !

On a Lark

This is a very cute outfit from On A Lark. Be sure to pop over and pick it up it is on special for 60 lindens. And dont forget about Tuesday be sure to  check out 25 linden items.
silvia skinMojo
alicia soft black Rumina
bond belly coal OAL
My music choice for today hope you like!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

You Make Me Crazy

Bodysuit-- *Tentacio*  Tina, pink- also @ Stuff n Stock, fatpack only 70L!

Skin- HUSH- gift skin

Hair- Magika, Tomorrow

Kisses BAEA

Savage inside

Hair- LOQ

Red Tat- Retuned Karma <3

Top- *Tentacio*   Nuar Sweater, NEWW <3

Skirt-Cellar Door

Headband/Necklace- -Pepper-

xoxx BAEA

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mamba Wear from Returned Karma

I wanna give a big thanks to my partner Venom for his help with this post. We are both wearing outfits from Returned Karma.
On Dunsany
Outfit/Warpaint from Retuned Karma
Hair Boon
Bone piercings Bubble
Necklace Songfeather
Skin Livia Chocolate Al Vulo
Eyes Al Vulo
On Venom
Bracers/Necklace from RUDE
Hair Boon
Face Tattoo Nunna
Body tattoo South American V tattoo store
Skin Shawn dep Tan Belleza
Claws from Ni Ju
This is a cover of the original song but it I love it!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

C o z y. B y . t h e. f a l l s.

New at Returned Karma. Something OH SO cozy! 

S h a p e . Mine

S k i n. Livia Al Vulo

H a i r . CaTwA amylee

E y e s . .ID. shine Blue

G a u g e s . [Glue Ink] sculpted earplugs

F e e t . *NOYA* -Flat- Barefeet

O u t f i t . [rk] in the beyond

E N J O Y !


M u s i c!

Monday, November 12, 2012

A lady, never tells..

New Burlap Dress -- Available in 10 colors... from OAL, go and grab them ladies!


Skin- Curio, Pout

Lace Top, Dress, Gloves, Belt, Shawl, Necklace- *OAL*  , Burlap Dress, Fern,  NEWWW
Kisses BAEA 

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hair-   Locked [E]

Skin-MOJO-gift skin, not avail.

Top-*Tentacio* Nightmare shirt Torax - NEWW

Leggings-Rebel X Leggings, wool


          Location-Peregrine Cliffs, RP sim    

xoxx BAEA

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pretty in Purple

This is a very lovely dress you should all head over to Lua's and check it out. It is available in other colors as well. Don't miss it!!!!!!!
Dress Loreto Purple Lua's
Skin Donna Bronze 08 new release Mojo
Eyelashes Pretty Eyelashes Toxic Bitch
Hair Sarita espresso Truth
Colorblind by Counting Crows a super sad song but I love it!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Waiting and Wanting


Shirt, pants and shoes  Tentacio
Skin Miha Cocoa/black eyeliner Al Vulo
Hair Marielle Light Browns Truth

This is another swedish song I like again!!!!

The premise for the song is Let's do something dirty together!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

I was Blinded

Hood- [GE]     [GE] Goldlocki Hood

Tank Top-BOOM

Hair- FD, Marie

Skin-Al Vulo , Sally


Necklace- EY:NO

Tat Face-DAMNED, makeup black spray

kisses,   BAEA

. F l y . w i t h . M e .

        New @ returned Karma this awesome outfit "Oh farkle Kiosk" comes with this bad ass mask! 
so go out and get it!

S k i n . Al Vulo . Livia

S h a p e . Mine

H a i r . Lelutka . Salome

F u r s . Gspot . Freija

T a t t o o . Soulbeats. Ms. Leo

F e e t . **Noya** flat- barefeet -mesh-

O u t f i t . [rk] Oh farkle kiosk

E n j o y !

. O r l s .

M u s i c !

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Tunic-[GE]  PIP Tunic Boquet Beige

Hair-Vive Nine (No longer avail) :(

Skin- Al Vulo ,Miha

xoxx , BAEA


  Top/Camisk- OAL  <3

  Hair- Clawtooth, Beg Your Pardon


BAEA, kisses

My Tune ;)