Tuesday, October 23, 2012

. O r l s . P h o t o g r a p h y . (New and Improved)

So! i have been editing photos for about a year now and have done some photos for clients. but i was never satisfied with them even though my clients loved them. To improve my photos, i started taking some tutorials online and learned new tricks. i am now redoing my studio and photos. this is the 1st improved photo i have done! and i am so proud of it. I will be updating some old client photos for free to update my Flickr. 
If you want a photo done please send me a NC @ Orlik Toxx ( IMs get capped) and i'll be happy to be at your service!

Price List

Sapphire Package 300 l$ 
2 pictures included
For couples/groups: 100 l$ per additional person

Ruby Package: 600l$
3 pictures included
for couples/groups :100 l$ per additional person

Opal Package: 1,200l$
5 photos included
for couples/groups: 100 l$ per additonal person

. M u s i c .

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