Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Moonlight Mambas

             Just me and Orlik haveing some fun with our mambas, not many mamba groups these days,..miss them! Now for the credits..mamba style can be crazy.
                   ON ME (RISKY)aka Baea
                        Hair- [e] Comfort

                        Skin- [P] Aleria Sunset
                        Pants- Spirit Store, Yasmin rigged mesh pants
                        Mask- Skull Mask 16
                        Tat1-Repulse bloody mouth
                        Tat2-Little Pricks, Tribe Goddess, NEW!
                        Tat3- S (and) P ECDYSIS Tattoo

                           ORLIKS info soon to come! 
                                            Kisses! Baea xoxoxx

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