Friday, October 5, 2012

B o n d. I n. L a c e !

Hey everyone! I am happy that B invited me to become a blogger on her blog! i hope i won't let you down!

so here it goes! I'm a shopaholic i buy at least 3 outfits a day! yeah it's excessive, but i can't help it. When i do buy outfits i tend to mix and match different pieces together. so PLEASE excuse my mixing and matching, it won't happen ALL the time! lol <3

H a i r- [BURLEY] Julia_platinums

S h a p e - mine

S k i n - AL VULO! Ninni [Natural Bronze]

E y e s- SU! Jelly Eyes Sea

N o s e   P i e r c i n g s - <- PoM -> Face Piercing - Spiral
              e.D:: Bone Harvest
   E a r  P i e r c i n g- [GLUE INK] sculpted ear plug scripted Grunge Metals
M a k e   u p - *LpD* -Eyeliner

Niam.Niam Neon Liner (teal) 

Pink Acid Photo Studio Blush -Pink/Magenta

C o l l a r- [Forge] Chained rose- black

C h e s t  T a t t o o - Soulbeats - Ms.Leo

T o p - ALLFOR50 Ethnic Cutie Blue

H a n d  W e a p o n- Primus Kin'ai Claws 3.1 p4

H i p  C h a i n - <- Puncture-> zodiac Belly chain - libra

H i p  t a t t o o- Love Zombie- Birds

P a n t i e s- *May's Soul* Eti Camisk cream

K n e e s- :Little Pricks: banged up knees

A n k l e t s- ME. Lilium Anklet Darkness// ONIX

F e e t-  Maitreya gold * bare feet tip-toe


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