Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mamba Madness

Today I am feeling agressive so mamba it is!!!!
Skin Livia Chocolate Red 2 Al Vulo
Hair KMaDD Aesop Black/Swirl Haibase
Outfit PFC Argolias black
Bone Belt Xtra
Bubble Bone Clawed Set
Tattoo Tribe Goddess Little Pricks


Monday, October 29, 2012

1 7 t h . C e n t u r y . G o r e a n . F l a i r !

This Outfit is at the 25 L$ Fall Fete, from On a Lark! you have today and tomorrow to go check this event out!! go go go!! 

S h a p e . Mine

S k i n . Al Vulo- Livia

E y e s . I.D. shine

M a k e u p . niam. niam Neon eyeliner pack

T a t t o o . Soulbeats. Ms.leo

H a i r . Magika Tomorrow

O u t f i t + H a t . *OAL* Mysterious- cyan
                                           hat .Mysterious Fascinator!

  Enjoy! Besos


M u s i c 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Treats..Want some?

Hair-Maitreya, Nadja

Coat-*Tentacio*   Army Coat, @ Stuff In Stock

Bag-Nina Halloween Bag- OCT. Gift! @ *Tentacio* 

  Jeans- Muschi, Basic Denim.

Tatoo- [V]Urf! Urf!,  Bones Up

xoxx  BAEA

Temple Of Lust

     Hair-Dura , Dura Girl *38

     Outfit: *May's Soul* Anubis Gorean Room- newww!

Kisses, BAEA

Friday, October 26, 2012

FFS at Fall Fete

All outfits from FFS and can be found at Fall Fete. All outfits were very well constructed so don't forget to check them out!!
Isa Silks Black
Nettie White
Odessa Brown
Exile Rumor has it Mahogny Exile
Afro Rumina Kelly Cinnamon Rumina
Magika Volume Magika
Insufferable Dastard Basic Blue Insufferable Dastard
Corvus Smoky eyes Corvus
Al Vulo Polly cocoa Al Vulo
LAQ Maria Nougat 02 LAQ
LAQ Maria Nougat 04
Ten 10 Mega boots white Ten 10
Still in a halloween mood!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

B R A I N S !

Well i guess it's my turn to post up a monster Halloween Photo!so this is it! Thankies to Duns for being the super sexy Zombie that is trying to eat me! ;)

Besos! Orls

. O n  O r l s . 

S h a p e . Mine

S k i n . Al Vulo Livia

E y e s . [I.D] shine

M a k e u p .  Eyes. :LP: razored
Lips . :KK: kiss me lipstick

H a i r . Ploom. Rory 

G a u g e s . [Glue Ink] sculpted ear plugs

C o l l a r . *L.inc* Bound collar

O u t f i t .  SU! Crazy Nurse (free)

B l o o d . oh, bloody hell

C o r s e t . [Etchaflesh] Executioner underbust

P u m p s . {* Severed Garden*} Nana Pumps

.O n  Z o m b i e . [D u n s a n y].

B o d y . Fatebecome. Zombie Jaws mesh kit

E y e s . Repulse. Living Dead Eyes

 S o c k s . Chix torn stocking set

S h o e s . Dirtyland Meat Pumps

 H a i r . Paper heart .Telly hair.

.M U S I C.

Fall fete Pick of the day

I will be tring to post each day a lil something from Fall Fete. Today I have choosen these two lovely outfits that are both available right now at the event. Be sure to head over and take a look.
On Emerenzia
Hair Glamazon Black Clawtooth
Skin Zoe Delicate Hush
Camisk Freya Nani Green Fall fete
Eyes Insufferable Dastard Blue Green Insufferable Dastard
Claws Primus

On Dunsany
Hair Rashida seasand Truth
Skin Hush Emily Natural Hush
Dress Hotaru Lady flower Fall fete
Eyes Pulse Simone Monique Pulse
Leash holder Nasty Doll Celtic Metal Nasty Doll
List of Event at Fall Fete
Tuesday, October 23, 2012 - Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - Ongoing Events
* Special Auction to benefit Kiva:  Several of our merchants are joining together to offer a one-of-a-kind or custom made offering.  These will be auctioned off where the highest bidder at the end of the event wins.
* Radio Broadcasts: Several radio stations will be joining us to broadcast from the Fall Fête.
* Blogger Previews and Coverage: We have wonderful bloggers lined up to cover the event.
Tuesday, October 23, 2012:
* Shopping shopping shopping! 25LT Round (12:00 AM (Midnight) - 11:49 PM)
October 23, 2012 is kicking off the big week-long event celebrating the 3rd anniversary of 25L Tuesdays with a special sim-wide round!
Wednesday, October 24, 2012:
* Fashion Walk (11:00 AM - 2:00 PM SLT)
Join us as designers will have models located along the Fete path.
Weave in and out of the haunted region and discover the new looks each hour on display.
Thursday, October 25, 2012:
* Haunted Hunt  (Begins at 12:00 AM (Midnight) SLT)
This hunt will feature NEW releases for 25 L, will be sim wide and will last the remainder of the week. Stacked pumpkins will be hidden all over the sim, allowing visitors to come and explore Fall Fête while searching for treasures!
Saturday, October 27, 2012:
* Haunted Hunt Continues
Sunday, October 28, 2012:
* Haunted Hunt Continues
* Fashion Walk (6:00PM - 9:00PM SLT)
Join us as designers will have models located along the Fete path.
Weave in and out of the haunted region and discover the new looks each hour on display.
Monday, October 29, 2012:
* Haunted Hunt Continues
Tuesday, October 30, 2012:
* Shopping shopping shopping! 25LT Round (12:00 AM (Midnight) - 11:49 PM)
Our final round of 25L Tuesdays closes the 2nd annual celebration.
Wednesday, October 31, 2012:
* Trick or Treat brought to you by all the 25 L Merchants.  Each merchant at the fair will have a cauldron with a treat for you.  Go ahead . . . . take the plunge.
* Enchanting Hunt (Ends at 12:00AM (Midnight) SLT )
* October 31 marks the final day of shopping at the 2012 Fall Fete.  Enjoy!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Web of Illusion

This post is Halloween inspired and I want to thank my wonderful partner for helping me. Points up at the ugly spider yeap that is him.

Spider Avalon forge
Skin Al Vulo Eliza black swan Al Vulo
Hair Ploom Penny Ploom
Mila Bodysuit cooper Kyoot
Captive Cuffs Insanya
Collar Xanimations
My spider music choice of the day!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Burn the WITCH!

SKIN-Glam Affair, Leah
HAIR-Analog Dog   Tangled  
  OUTFIT- Shirt, skirt, scarf, gloves and boots: *On A Lark* Layered -Berry (FOR THE 25 LINDENS FALL FETE, October 23-31)

Kisses!  BAEA

. O r l s . P h o t o g r a p h y . (New and Improved)

So! i have been editing photos for about a year now and have done some photos for clients. but i was never satisfied with them even though my clients loved them. To improve my photos, i started taking some tutorials online and learned new tricks. i am now redoing my studio and photos. this is the 1st improved photo i have done! and i am so proud of it. I will be updating some old client photos for free to update my Flickr. 
If you want a photo done please send me a NC @ Orlik Toxx ( IMs get capped) and i'll be happy to be at your service!

Price List

Sapphire Package 300 l$ 
2 pictures included
For couples/groups: 100 l$ per additional person

Ruby Package: 600l$
3 pictures included
for couples/groups :100 l$ per additional person

Opal Package: 1,200l$
5 photos included
for couples/groups: 100 l$ per additonal person

. M u s i c .

Karma gets you in the butt sometimes =p

Something new for Fall Fete! From Returned Karma, cute bond outfits, in 2 colors.           

 ON ME (Baea)
Hair-Vive Nine, Duchess Braid
Skin-TSG, Chloe in Cherub , clear skin
Outfit-RK, Summers Last stand, Orange THE 25 LINDENS FALL FETE, October 23-31)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Venom's Slyna

This is an outfit my companion very much likes so I thought I would share it and also feature some of the wonderful  tattoo work from Little pricks/Skin deep

Dermal Piercing/Eye make up Extreme Little pricks/Skin Deep
Chest and stomach tattoo also from Little Pricks
Harness Black leather Kyoot
Slouched Leather skirt Razorblade
Dama Boots Black Insanya
Hair Looking Black 03 Elikatira
Skin Moira Rose Essences
Just cause it makes me laugh!!!

T h e . P u r e. & . T h e . U n- P u r e .

We just received these sexy little outfits from Luas & Una!
which will be at the Fall Fete!
October 23rd - October 30th!

 . O n . O r l s .

O u t f i t . LUAS Rashida Beige

H a i r - Lelutka Lively

E y e s . SU! Jelly eyes. sea

M a k e . Up . Niam . Niam neon liner pack

T a t t o o. Soulbeats. Ms. Leo

S k i n - new Al Vulo! Livia

S h a p e . Mine

. O n . D u n s a n y .

S i l k s . U na . Salandria Skull black

S k i n . League . Isla Sunkiss Mochakiss

E y e s ..ID. Basic Blue shine

H a i r . Clawtooth . Glamazon Dusty black

E y e l i n e r . Al Vulo Black

E y e l a s h e s . Toxic Bish

S h a p e . My own

M u s i c!

Sweet Pea Versatility


Just received a this lovely dress in a blogger pack from Sweet Pea. It is a lovely dress for Halloween when worn with bloody apron and a butcher knife. Then by day you can loose the apron and look great.

Dress Sweet Pea butcher (Fall Fete)
Hair Truth new release Dawson w/roots punkinpie Truth
Skin A Vulo Livia Bronze dark/rouge Al Vulo
Just a little Halloween Music!!!

Chains Of Love

 Hair- new Magika [hair s] tomorrow

Silks- May's Soul  Rikko white

Skin-Al Vulo  sally *red 2 Porclain

kisses,xoxx Baea

My tune for Halloweeny mood! -Skrillex-

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Fête

Fall Fête is a week long celebration marking the birthday of 25L Tuesdays (25LT). It is hosted by the merchants of 25LT and is located on a single sim where booths are set up for shopping and events. This year's event takes place Tuesday, October 23 - Wednesday, October 31. You will be able to find this lovely dress, skin and shape here.
Skin Delicious Barbara Natural with added beauty mark over lip
Shape Belissima Bajka small
Dress Gorean Rose the red dress
Hair Truth Soleil Auburn Truth
Freckles tattoo little pricks/skin deep Little pricks/skin deep
Necklace and bracelets Zaara Zaara
Eyes Insufferable Dastard Blue/green basic Insufferable Dastard
A little swedish music hehe hope you like even if you cant understand!!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fireflies At Sundown

                        Hair-TRUTH Mayin
                                   Skin-Al Vulu  , Lelanie April gold fish    (group gift)
                                 Jumper- - *Tentacio*  Sula Jumper
                                                 Fairy Lights-*Tentacio*  Fairy lights backpack. @ [stuff In Stock] 
                                    Scarecrow Pack- Returned Karma

Tune for today ;) Kisses Baea

F a l l . F e t e S n e a k . P e e k ! # 1

Hola Everybody! SO i have a sneak peek outfit that will be in the 25L Fall Fete!
This Kajirae Camisk is from the store Gorean Rose! it also comes in sheer! Hope you enjoy and take a trip down to the 25 L fall Fete starting October 23rd through October 31st! 
Besos! Orls <3

S h a p e . Mine

S k i n . new Al Vulo . Livia

H a i r . new Magika . tomorrow

M a k e . u p - Niam. Niam . neon liner pack

T a t t o o . Soulbeats . Ms.Leo

N e c k l a c e . [glow] . Rohan Gold

B r a c e l e t s . May's Soul .winter is coming

B o o t s . Kboots engineer/biking boots 

C a m i s k . Sneak peek @ Fall Fete 
From [GE] Kani dress red

M u s i c !

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Fête, coming soon!!

  Fall Fête is a week long celebration marking the birthday of 25L Tuesdays (25LT). It is hosted by the merchants of 25LT and is located on a single sim where booths are set up for shopping and events. This year's event takes place Tuesday, October 23 - Wednesday, October 31. Soooo if you loove Halloweeny like i do, mark this down, and go grab some fun stuff!

  Thursday is the start of the Haunted Hunt, with brand new releases for 25L hidden all over the sim in stacked pumpkin packages. The hunt will continue till the end of the event.

Another round of 25L Tuesday goodies on the 30th, and on Wednesday 31st you will get to go trick o treating as the merchants will be placing out cauldrons ,with the event closing at midnight!! 

Participating merchants:

Alice Blue/Habitation | Aaliyah Imari
BELISSIMA | paty larimore
By Baleigh | Baleigh Garden
C&N Gorean  Designs | nuray almodovar
Cynful Designs | Aislynne Melnik
Delicious | Dely Breen & Leire Writer
Dream Things | Pia Uladstron
Dysfunctional Designs | Anke Hatchuk
Fabled | Whispy Karu
Fire Storm Creations | Talton Spiritor
Footpaw Industries | Layla Denver
For F's Sake! | Cape Weary/Giselle555 Resident
Freya | Tammy Crystal
Gem Designs | Camille Gemini
Gorean Rose | Noemi Azambuja ( co creator Adira Spingflower)
Gor Gurls | Harriet Blaisdale
Gumi's Flower Shop | Gumi Yao
IMDesigns | Isis Mesmeriser
Luas | AinaraLuas Resident
May's Soul | May Tolsen
*N@N@* | Natem Andel
On A Lark | Discovering Destiny
Painfully Divine | Nahtasha Uriza
PeKaS Design | kiradark jigsaw
Persnickety | Grace Loudon
Poliak's Emporium | Robbyn Poliak
Returned Karma | jada Tigerpaw
Roawenwood | Searlait Nitschke
S&S Designs | Lehna Sahara
Sa-eela | Nenya Eun
Sacre Bleu | bleumoon Praga
Severed Heart | Fellah Resident
Silk & Steel | Lilli Breda & Nixon Kytori
Shabby Chick | Noble Darkwatch
Shugah Bug | Joslyn Faith
Sweet Kajira | Bronte Denja /iby Niven/ Bronte  danitz
Sweet Poison | bella Domela
Sweet Sculpts | Alyena Raine
The Kei-Spot | Keiko Zoon
The Sweet Pea | Cloey Scorfield
The Virgin Harlot | Ceri Kesten
Tiar | atiya baar
TOUGH! | Dely Breen & Leire Writer
Torvis Weapons |  Torvis Rainfall
Una | Una daxter
United InshCon |  eldowyn Inshan
Virtual Whimsy |  Harlow Littleboots and Yasmen Blackburn
Whatz | Titania Halasy
Wild Talender | Mandorla Latte

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

O N . A . L A R K !

On a Lark!
New release!
This beautiful Boho style dress is up for grabs at the Boho Festival!
Peace and Love!

S h a p e . Mine

S k i n . Al Vulo! Ninni [natural bronze]

H a i r . Burley Bajka

N e c k  t a t t o o . Soulbeat Ms. Leo

E y e s . SU! Jelly eyes Sea

O u t f i t  & a c c e s s o r i e s . *OAL* Grace ~ Bright Plum

M u s i c !

On a Lark

Today I will featureing this lovely outfit from On the lark. You will soon see their logo added to our sponsor list. Thank you again Lark!!
Dress Oal flower child Earth On a Lark
Skin Hush Zoe delicate caramel Hush
Hair Lelutka Blake praline Lelutka
Necklace Onigirl/silverMandala
Shoes mon tissu favorite leather flats Buck mon tissu
Al vulo eyeliner black Al Vulo
Eyelashes Toxic Bish pretty eyelash make up Toxic Bish
Freckles tattoo Little pricks Little pricks/Skin Deep
Eyes Insufferable Dastard Shine Eyes v2 Blue/Basic Insufferable Dastard
My music choice today is a song I love hope you enjoy it as well!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

T C C .O u t f i t. f r o m . R e t u r n e d . K a r m a!

Hey everyone! Just got this sexy little outfit from Returned Karma!
This outfit was inspired by this month's BTB quote for the TCC Challenge!
...the quote will be located at the end of this post!..
If these sassy wet silks intrigue you i would get up and go to RK now!, they are on sale for 75 L$ till the 22nd of October! so go out and shop! 

S h a p e - Mine

S k i n - Al Vulo! Ninni

H a i r - Burley stasia

M a k e . U p - {D.A} Leopard warpaint

T a t t o o - Soulbeats. Ms. Leo
E y e s - SU! Jelly Eyes - Sea

 N e c k l a c e- Flightless. Geronimo Skull necklace

O u t f i t - [RK] Silky out of water Kiosk. Cream

This Month's Quote ~ The Gorean Dancer
"I had scrambled on my knees for the coins flung to the floor, seizing them, thrusting them hastily, so many of them, with one hand, into the lifted, bunched portion, held by my other hand, of the dancing skirt, a lovely, swirling skirt, scarlet, open on the right, of diaphanous dancing silk. I had been permitted a scarlet halter of the same material. My midriff, like my right thigh, was bared. The skirt was low on my hips. I wore a double belt of threaded, jangling coins, one strand high, one low, as with the corded belt of metal pieces I had worn in my virgin dance, weeks ago. I also wore a triple necklace of coins, together with necklaces of slave beads, of both glass and wood. These coins, all of them, would be counted by Mirus when I disrobed. On my left ankle were bound slave bells. My right ankle wore several anklets. I was barefoot. On my wrists were bracelets. On my upper left arm was a coiled armlet. A ruby, held by a chain, was at my forehead. Wound in and about my hair were strands of pearls." - Dancer of Gor - pages 222-223

M U S I C !

Moonlight Mambas

             Just me and Orlik haveing some fun with our mambas, not many mamba groups these days,..miss them! Now for the credits..mamba style can be crazy.
                   ON ME (RISKY)aka Baea
                        Hair- [e] Comfort

                        Skin- [P] Aleria Sunset
                        Pants- Spirit Store, Yasmin rigged mesh pants
                        Mask- Skull Mask 16
                        Tat1-Repulse bloody mouth
                        Tat2-Little Pricks, Tribe Goddess, NEW!
                        Tat3- S (and) P ECDYSIS Tattoo

                           ORLIKS info soon to come! 
                                            Kisses! Baea xoxoxx

Monday, October 15, 2012

S w e e t . T r e a t s!

It's almost Halloween, and that means some Halloween goodies! Magika has come out with these Halloween treats, its a version of Faint in orange and red. as shown below!
 Also Severed Garden has given these sexy Halloween pumps!

S h a p e - Mine

S k i n - Al Vulo! [ninni- natural bronze]

E y e s - SU! Jelly eyes- Sea

M a k e U p - :Little Pricks: Pout Face tattoo
Pink Acid Photo studio blush

P i e r c i n g - <- PoM-> Face Piercing- spiral

H a i r - Magika [Halloween Group Gift]

H e a d - [monso] My bunny band (Gift pack)

D r e s s - *[RD]* My full lace mini - Black 

H e e l s -  *{ Severed Garden}* Pumps (Halloween Gift)

M u s i c!



Today I will featuring the tattoo work of the awesome Syn Beresford owner of Little Pricks/Skin Deeep. Thank you for being a sponsor and sending me all your cool work. Huggies!!!

Hair (Amanda roots mahogany) Catwa
Ignition lingerie (black) Fishy Strawberry
Classic black pumps Fanatik
Skin (Livia rougue 2 new bronze release) Al Vulo 
This music choice is also for Syn.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Battle Bitch

Valiant Tunic (Ruby) De la Soul
Hair Katniss mahogany Catwa
Skin new release Livia (sunkissed) Al Vulo

Battle Music!!