Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lazy Me

                                                       Hair- D!va Hair, Natsuki2
                                                       Skin- Al Vulo!, Polly
                                                       Lipstick- Pink Acid, Diva lipgloss
                                                       Top-On A Lark, Hung, Coal(full Outfit)
                                                       Dress- On A Lark, Hung, Coal
                                                       Sandals- On A Lark, Hung, Coal
                                                       Belt- Nyte'N'Day, Ginger belt, tan
                                                               Hugs! Bae

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hunger Games

                                        Top, Belt, vest- ED Tracker -F Woodland
                                        (CM) Leather pants (brown) low waist
                                        Lamb- teased up. Group gift, fat pack , mesh   *gift*!
                                        May soul -punk boots brown
                                        Skin- al vulu sally *red olive
                                                       Hugs, Bae


                Hi all, some new jewelry from Habitaion, she also has amazeing furniture,  houses, you name it!
                                                   Tank top-BOOM Everyday tank
                                                   Skirt- Blueberry- Mesh Jenna skirt
                                                   Sandals-Gladiator sandals,
                                                   Earings-Habitation, Precious Things.  TY!
                                                   Necklace-Habitation, Precious things  TY!
                                                   Hair-[FD] Marie
                                                   Skin- al vulu, Isha, red
                                                            Hugs, Bae

Friday, August 17, 2012


                                                    ON ME right-
                                                    Hair-Majicka ,Veruka
                                                    Skin-[P] Aleria
                                                    Tat1 S (and) P Rattle snake tat
                                                    Tat2 S (and) P Ecdysis tat
                                                    Tat3 Little Pricks Homing Device, face
                                                    Tat4 S(and)P Destroyer tat, belly.
                                                    Teeth-[LabelMode] Hamby Teeth
                                                    Face jewel- [OT] Septum ring
                                                    Shorts-NV outfit Psyco, black low

Friday, August 10, 2012

Welcome Jon!!

  • Please welcome Jon to the blog, he will be doing great posts of guy stuff for the dudes! Gorean and Urban, everyday clothes, he is my man so i will give him big kisses to welcome him! He has a great style that works with many tastes, I am excited to see what all he brings here, so keep checking back from time to time. Muahhh babe, welcome!

Monday, August 6, 2012


                          Jon on my left, watch for his posts soon!  <3 !!
                                             On me, right-Hair Lelutka Cache hair
                                                                Skin- Al vulu polly
                                                                Weapon- Scythe, primus
                                                                Jacket-[FD] Fog coat blk
                                                                Pants-L&B S wear, Biker leather
                                                                       *kisses, Baea!
On left
 Pants/boots-::GB::boots in Cargo pants
Jacket/shirt/scarf- ::Mr.Poet::Flying jacket
Weapons- Primus great orion scythe
Beard- *Valiant & Sacred* 2.0 Beard
Skin--Belleza- Jacob Deep Tan

Friday, August 3, 2012

I forgot a bra ..lol

                                                              Hair- Exile
                                                              Skin-Lara Hurley
                                                              Top-Zaara, brown
                                                              Pants-L&B Biker Pants
                                                              Eye makeup- BOOM


                                                            Hair- Damsfly
                                                            Skin- Lara hurely
                                                            Leggings-Rebel X wool beige
                                                            Boots-Kboots black
                                                            Top-Arisaris Rig 50 butterfly