Monday, March 16, 2015

Kawaii Krazy

So I have not done a post in a long time but today I went to the Kawaii Project and got a lil inspired. Hope you like the post and check out the event.


Pink Fuel- Doll V2- Vamp
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body


Dress-Atomic Vintage Kitten- The Kawaii Project
Noodles Crush Heart Sunglasses Mint- The Kawaii Project
Retro Camera Pink/Vintage gun(rare)- The Kawaii Project
Truth- Ivana 
Bow- Olive the Satin bow
Muka Thigh High Stockings/Burlesque Bows
Epic-Pretty Princess Peep Toes

Saturday, February 21, 2015

S t r o n g E l e g a n c e

Hair-May's Soul, Samurai Hair, brown F @ Fantasy Gatcha

Hair Stick-May's Soul, Samurai Stick, RARE @ Fantasy Gatcha

Dress-Baiastice,Karin Dress, Coffee

Chest +Pauldrons-May's Soul,Bikers Chest, Brown Leather @ Fantasy Collective

Earrings-The Plastic, krosis Earrings, gold

Wrist Cuffs-[The Forge] Celtic Bangles

Hand tat- Soy. - Hajichi Shuri

Staff- By me

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mamba Beauty

So proud of Chooey with this shield, i'ts one of my faveorites! Partly because my mamba (Risky) can use it and look badass.. but also because its beautiful, there is a bloody version, and a NON bloody version for the clean people out there!

SHIELD-{AEGIS}, Ivory's Price- NEW! @ tp here 

Hair 1-Little Bones, Eros Taken

Hair 2- Little Bones, Ce Soir

Skull Mask-Skull Mask 16, Dreams & Nightmares

Face Tat -Little Pricks, Homeing Device

Feather Boa-B&R, Mat feather Scarf, black

Necklace-Zenith, Crystal Scar necklace

Arrow-Laygo, Metis Arrow Silver

Belt-LUAS, Asha  belt

Kilt-::ENIGMA:: Battle Kilt

Weapon-VF, Harvest Staff

Kisses, Baea

Thursday, January 29, 2015

WHAMO ! - NEW Shield from {AEGIS}

Proud to show this NEW Original GM Mesh Shield, from Chooey {AEGIS}. GO check it out, grab one, OUT NOW. It's really beautiful! <3

Hair-Little Bones, Eros Taken

Top-Neverwood, Truth or Conciquences, Tee

Skirt-Neverwood, Truth or Conciquences Skirt

Bodysuit-Vendetta, Strings Of Lust

FlowerWreath-Buesy, The Glorious, Flower crown

Staff-May's Soul, Atenea Staff

Shield-{AEGIS} King's Rebels, Shield- NEW!  @ tp here 

Kisses, Baea

Monday, January 26, 2015

Soft Flowers, Fierce Warriors, PANI Revolution

I'm proud to show off  one of , my Chooey's NEW Orignal Mesh Shield. <3!!!

His shop is just now opening, {AEGIS} by (Mattchu Iceghost) @ tp here

This will be available at the NEXT, We <3 RP, Feb 4th, Separate.. and also comes with the outfit seen

 on bottom pics, on Chooey.  -Pani-  BY EQUINOX (Titan Footman) <3 ty!  @ tp here
Starting @
Hair-HOMAGE, Inverse

Kimono- B@R Kuro Nayuta

Pants-:Villena: , H/W Leggings 

Head Chain-Random Matter, keelhauled, gold

Gloves- LC, Sheep skin , gloves

ChopSticks- MILK Hair, (Soonsiki)  chopsticks

Headdress- [CX] Cascadeing Peony, Gold Rare

Earrings-=Zenith- OWL Earrings

Shield- {AEGIS} 'Lethal Words'  Shield
Kisses Baea
2nd , 3rd  PIC

Hair- Illmatic: savee - chocolate

Beard- +Spellbound+ Monster Beard

Shield- {AEGIS} 'Lethal Words'

OUTFIT- -Pani-  BY EQUINOX (Titan Footman) Available Feb 4th, @ We <3 Rp

includes the boots, tunic-pants, armor and bracers,
scarf, jingasa
Hair-Little Bones, Eros taken NEW @ Uber

Mask- May's Soul, Mishima Mask, Black
OUTFIT- (Edited for woman, this is a MANS outfit!)-Pani-  BY EQUINOX (Titan Footman) Available Feb 4th, @ We <3 Rp
Shoes-.ginchi., Bottle Cap geisha Sandals, flaked. 

Sword- PFC, Yoru Sword.

Kisses, Baea



Friday, January 23, 2015

F r e s h

New Cellar Door

Hair-Little Bones, Saphire

Cellar Door- Springtime Kirtle, Green/peach, NEW

Bra-May's Soul, Coral Set, Gold

Vest- May's Soul, Maochi Vest, green

Earrings-=Zenith= Owl Earrings

Bangles- The Forge, Tri Bangles, and Gypsey Bangle

Kisses, Baea

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Slave Bath

Hair1-MOON hair, Insect Religion

Hair2-booN, WKM795

Chest Collar -Alchemy, Lok Armour,Neck Plate, gold

Horns-Pure Poison, Caprisci Headdress, RARE

Arrow in Side-LaGyo, Metis Arrow , gold

Skirt (pic1)-Skirt-Teefy, Katharine Skirt, Sheer blk

Cloth Wrap (pic2)-*May's Soul*, Angelica Cloth wrap

Metal Thong  (under skirt)- *May's Soul*, Angelica, Thong

Chain Belt-Cynful, Chain Belt.

Nose Chain-*Tentacio* Nose Chain , gold

Hammer Weapon-EZ The Forge,

Cheek Tat-Inhale, Face tat, Leaf

Kisses, Baea

Thursday, November 20, 2014

So..Hold On Tight

Outfit 1

Horns, Top, Skirt-  May's Soul, Harvest Moon @ The Secret Affair

Necklace- Pink Acid, Magical Meaning Necklace

Outfit 2

Dress: *Tentacio* Leather culture dress @ kustom9

Hair- =DeLa=, Charli

Monocle-DirtyStories,FairyTale Monocle

Neck Tat-InHale, cross#7

kisses, Baea

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I'm Hunting Wabbits..

Thank You to Chooey  for poseing  with me!

On Baea

Hair-Little Bones, Ranger Gatcha, Landslide, blk

Top-ARISE, Stepp vest, Blk

Pants-[Foxes] Leggings, Curvy

Fox's-PSYCHO. Byts.- Amimated Fox's, Black and White For- Cirque De Seraphim Event! <3

ShotGun-Mesh Mafia ,Shotgun

Thigh Guns-Obscure,  Assasins Holster gangster Edition

Foxy tail, belt-::TI:: Foxy Tail, blk

Boots-[DeadWool] Patmos boots

On Him

Flite - Autumn Black

*OAL*/*SP* RP Gear - All Purpose Belt Blk

<Kal rau> Vest Collection M2

Mandala Necklace

*ARGRACE* Straw Fedora

(epia) - Damion Jeans

Kisses, Baea.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Such A Devil

Hair 1.- *Soonsiki!, JO JO

Hair 2.-Exile, Young and beautiful

Top-Alterego, Tall tee, (MENS) Dothesex


Wings-[ADN]  (part)  Sexy Devil Outfit

Horns- [Hyperbole] Phosphorus Horn, Lava

Bootie-[UL] Cutie Bootie  (N/A)

Tat1.-Inhale, Cross#7

Tat2.-Arise, Arrow tat, Hard

Kisses, Baea