Thursday, January 29, 2015

WHAMO ! - NEW Shield from {AEGIS}

Proud to show this NEW Original GM Mesh Shield, from Chooey {AEGIS}. GO check it out, grab one, OUT NOW. It's really beautiful! <3

Hair-Little Bones, Eros Taken

Top-Neverwood, Truth or Conciquences, Tee

Skirt-Neverwood, Truth or Conciquences Skirt

Bodysuit-Vendetta, Strings Of Lust

FlowerWreath-Buesy, The Glorious, Flower crown

Staff-May's Soul, Atenea Staff

Shield-{AEGIS} King's Rebels, Shield- NEW!  @ tp here 

Kisses, Baea

Monday, January 26, 2015

Soft Flowers, Fierce Warriors, PANI Revolution

I'm proud to show off  one of , my Chooey's NEW Orignal Mesh Shield. <3!!!

His shop is just now opening, {AEGIS} by (Mattchu Iceghost) @ tp here

This will be available at the NEXT, We <3 RP, Feb 4th, Separate.. and also comes with the outfit seen

 on bottom pics, on Chooey.  -Pani-  BY EQUINOX (Titan Footman) <3 ty!  @ tp here
Starting @
Hair-HOMAGE, Inverse

Kimono- B@R Kuro Nayuta

Pants-:Villena: , H/W Leggings 

Head Chain-Random Matter, keelhauled, gold

Gloves- LC, Sheep skin , gloves

ChopSticks- MILK Hair, (Soonsiki)  chopsticks

Headdress- [CX] Cascadeing Peony, Gold Rare

Earrings-=Zenith- OWL Earrings

Shield- {AEGIS} 'Lethal Words'  Shield
Kisses Baea
2nd , 3rd  PIC

Hair- Illmatic: savee - chocolate

Beard- +Spellbound+ Monster Beard

Shield- {AEGIS} 'Lethal Words'

OUTFIT- -Pani-  BY EQUINOX (Titan Footman) Available Feb 4th, @ We <3 Rp

includes the boots, tunic-pants, armor and bracers,
scarf, jingasa
Hair-Little Bones, Eros taken NEW @ Uber

Mask- May's Soul, Mishima Mask, Black
OUTFIT- (Edited for woman, this is a MANS outfit!)-Pani-  BY EQUINOX (Titan Footman) Available Feb 4th, @ We <3 Rp
Shoes-.ginchi., Bottle Cap geisha Sandals, flaked. 

Sword- PFC, Yoru Sword.

Kisses, Baea



Friday, January 23, 2015

F r e s h

New Cellar Door

Hair-Little Bones, Saphire

Cellar Door- Springtime Kirtle, Green/peach, NEW

Bra-May's Soul, Coral Set, Gold

Vest- May's Soul, Maochi Vest, green

Earrings-=Zenith= Owl Earrings

Bangles- The Forge, Tri Bangles, and Gypsey Bangle

Kisses, Baea

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Slave Bath

Hair1-MOON hair, Insect Religion

Hair2-booN, WKM795

Chest Collar -Alchemy, Lok Armour,Neck Plate, gold

Horns-Pure Poison, Caprisci Headdress, RARE

Arrow in Side-LaGyo, Metis Arrow , gold

Skirt (pic1)-Skirt-Teefy, Katharine Skirt, Sheer blk

Cloth Wrap (pic2)-*May's Soul*, Angelica Cloth wrap

Metal Thong  (under skirt)- *May's Soul*, Angelica, Thong

Chain Belt-Cynful, Chain Belt.

Nose Chain-*Tentacio* Nose Chain , gold

Hammer Weapon-EZ The Forge,

Cheek Tat-Inhale, Face tat, Leaf

Kisses, Baea

Thursday, November 20, 2014

So..Hold On Tight

Outfit 1

Horns, Top, Skirt-  May's Soul, Harvest Moon @ The Secret Affair

Necklace- Pink Acid, Magical Meaning Necklace

Outfit 2

Dress: *Tentacio* Leather culture dress @ kustom9

Hair- =DeLa=, Charli

Monocle-DirtyStories,FairyTale Monocle

Neck Tat-InHale, cross#7

kisses, Baea

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I'm Hunting Wabbits..

Thank You to Chooey  for poseing  with me!

On Baea

Hair-Little Bones, Ranger Gatcha, Landslide, blk

Top-ARISE, Stepp vest, Blk

Pants-[Foxes] Leggings, Curvy

Fox's-PSYCHO. Byts.- Amimated Fox's, Black and White For- Cirque De Seraphim Event! <3

ShotGun-Mesh Mafia ,Shotgun

Thigh Guns-Obscure,  Assasins Holster gangster Edition

Foxy tail, belt-::TI:: Foxy Tail, blk

Boots-[DeadWool] Patmos boots

On Him

Flite - Autumn Black

*OAL*/*SP* RP Gear - All Purpose Belt Blk

<Kal rau> Vest Collection M2

Mandala Necklace

*ARGRACE* Straw Fedora

(epia) - Damion Jeans

Kisses, Baea.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Such A Devil

Hair 1.- *Soonsiki!, JO JO

Hair 2.-Exile, Young and beautiful

Top-Alterego, Tall tee, (MENS) Dothesex


Wings-[ADN]  (part)  Sexy Devil Outfit

Horns- [Hyperbole] Phosphorus Horn, Lava

Bootie-[UL] Cutie Bootie  (N/A)

Tat1.-Inhale, Cross#7

Tat2.-Arise, Arrow tat, Hard

Kisses, Baea

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Art Of My Destruction

NEW Al Vulu @ TDRF

Skin-Al Vulu!,  Celestial, Black Mamba, Mocha- NEW

Hair-Tableau Vivant, Myst Hair

Glasses-{PSYCHO :Byts},GAME GIRL, Geek Glasses

Necklace-La Boutique,Necklace Crown Queen B

Shirt-*COCO* Shawl Collar Coat, blk

Pants-Maitreya Couture Leggings

Shotgun-Animated Shotgun, Mesh Mafia

Kisses, Baea

Saturday, October 11, 2014

I'm Sweet As Candy, And your A Dick.

Hair-~Tableau Vivant~ Myst Hair

Skin- EWA, Al Vulu

BodySuit-Teefy Tiffany bodysuit, Scarlet

Skirt-Teefy, Katharine Skirt, Sheer blk

Necklace-[The Forge] Amel's Necklace

Choker-CD , Neviah Choker

Nose chain-*Tentacio* Nose Chain

Boots-DeadWool, Patmos boots

Pose Chair-NanTra, Dita Von Candy, Rare

Lolipop-*BOOM* Candy Crusher, Watermelon

Kisses, Baea

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

G u t s.

Hair-Little bones, Girl.

Skin-Al Vulu, EWA, natural

EyePatch-SSD, Bolt Patch, brown leather

Bindi- AMAYA, Shadow bindi

Scar-Little Pricks, Ruined.

Coat-chronokit, Motorcycle jacket, brown

Jeans-Cynful, Skinny Jeans, brown

Boots-League, lauren Wedge boots, Taupe

Mouse-May's Soul, Mouse circus

Hammer-AMU, hammer Smasher!

Kisses, Baea