Monday, September 15, 2014

I Can Still Hear You Makin That Sound..

Hair1-booN GGL309, blk

Hair2-(Part of) Vanity Hair, Anchor, Blk

Necklace-La Boutique, Crown Queen B, Silver

Top-[Vendetta] Strings Of Lust , Body Suit

Skirt-EMPORIUM, SB  Skirt

Boots-Erratic/Valena- Gladiator Sandals, blk

Weapon-LR Black Hawk combo Klaive

Tat- Nuuna, Flux, Black

Kisses, Baea

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Im Not The Only One..

Hair-MOON{Hair}, Untitled

Skin-Al Vulu, EWA

Jacket-Salval, Army Jacket, black

Pants-;:Vilena;: Tucked Up Jeans, Camo

Boots-[Deadwool] ,Patmos Boots

Knee Pads-*COCO*  Knee Pads

Tattoo1-.Storybook. Magi Alchemy, Oblivion

Tattoo2-Damned, ScarBlood tat, OWNED.

Makeup- Izzies , Im Not Feeling very Well, Runny Eye Makeup.

Klaive-LR Black Hawk Combo

ShotGun- Mesh Mafia, Animated shotgun

Truck Bed- [Con] Stepside bed, red.

Kisses, Baea

Sunday, August 31, 2014

I'm Not Real

Hair- Little Bones, The Bay

Skin-[Al Vulu], Salina, Dolly, Milk @ TDRF   NEW

Head Piece-*Tentacio* Headpiece for Everyday,(Thursday)@ The Arcade  NEW

Nose Chain-*Tentacio* nose chain, simple black

Bodysuit- A/D/E, Kagaya, blk

Heels- [The Forge] Swirl black, @ The Arcade   NEW

Harness- [The Forge] Embrace Harness

Weapon- LR Blackhawk Combo Klaive

Knee Arrow- Laygo, Metis Arrow, Gold

Kisses, Baea

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Return Of The Mack

Hair-Unorthodox, Frenchie

Skin-Al Vulu, Ewa, Nugat

Dress-Cellar Door, Maeve Hooded Gown, Dirt  NEW!  <3!

Mask-Yasum, Venezia Female Mask, EPIC(old gatcha)

Bangles-The Forge, Tri Bangles

Cuffs-The Forge,Boadicea's Braclets, Gold

Piercing Chest-[CX] Skin Deep collar, F

Septum Ring- .random.Matter. , Rasputina, Septum

Tattoo-[Demonic], Tortuga Tattoo

Sandals-Noodles, -Hermes Sandals, Gold  @ Collabor88

Weapon-LR, Black Hawk Combo, Klaive

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Night Shadows

Sorry for the absence but it is summertime so I had a small vacation and then I needed to settle back into my rl work. So my first post after being back will be one featuring some great stuff that is availiable at this round of 

Skin-Atomic Innocence
Hair-Calico Mylene-We <3 RP
Mask-Aesthetica Rebel Mask White-We <3 Rp
Bracers- Noodles Kara Leather Bracer/Collar Silver-We <3 RP
Breast Plate- Alchemy Loka-We <3 RP
Pants- Pixicat Rougue- We <3 RP
Tattoo- Ink Deer Dirty Tatoo- Utopiah
Pose-Rack-We <3 Roleplay (sword included)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Back Soon!!

I'll Be back soon everyone! Just takeing bit of time to deal with Family stuff, I'll be blogging stuffs again soon!   <3   Baea

Thursday, July 3, 2014

We Love Rp- PREVIEW!


Hair 1-Magika, Shimmer

Hair 2-Magika, Unknown

Horns +Headpiece- [Keystone], Eldir, Barkish - Soon @ We <3 Rp

Pauldrons 1- B&C, chained Pauldrons with HUD - Soon @ We <3 Rp

Pauldrons 2-[The forge], Gorged pauldrons - Soon @ We <3 Rp

Necklace-Empyrean forge, Razortooths Charm, Silver Engraved - Soon @ We <3 Rp

Bracers- [The Forge] Asgar, Bracer, Silver (edited dark)

Bag-May's Soul, Boho bag

Belt-DRD, Female Utility Belt, Leather - Soon @ We <3 Rp

Pants-S&C, Zipperd Tights

Boots-[geek.]  Dragon Trainer Boots - Soon @ We <3 Rp


Chair-[Fetch] Druunah Seat - Soon @ We <3 Rp

Book House-Frogstar, StoryBook Cottage - Soon @ We <3 Rp

Sphynx -Kalopsia Sphynx Statue - Soon @ We <3 Rp

kisses, Baea

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Quiet Time


Pilot Traveler's Map
Marsh-Hell-2-Cab Steampunk
Fanatik Home Era Drawers
Post Neuchantel Absinthe Fountain
Soy Old Labrotory Chair
Soy Old Labratory table
Soy Siphon Of Dr.Coffee
PFC Alchemist Desk


Razor Chevron Dbi Shirt
Ink Hair Homie Coal
Just Cool Straight Jeans
Slink Hands & Feet
Labyrinth  Thorn Skin
Soy Coffee

Photo taken at the Circus of Sins sim.

Totally stole this song from someone else lol!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Such A Deviant


Hair-[e] Reva

Skin-Al Vulu, Celestial Angel, Fairy -NEW

Horns-{Rue} Oracle, Tusk

Top/Jersey-TRAPHOUSE COLLECTIVE, Girls Jersey Shirt, Cvnt - NEW

Gloves-LC, Lethal, SheepSkin Spiked gloves

Bottoms-Gawk, Blk Mini Panties

Garters-Illmatic, knit Garter Socks

Boots-r2, A/D/E , Kayaga Boots

Kisses, Baea

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Such A Stubborn Ass

Hair 1-ILLMATIC, frenchie

Hair 2-ILLMATIC, The House ,Noir Bun

Skin-;[P]; The Plastic, Astrali Skin, Lo   <3!!

Tattoo-DEMONIC, Imhotep tattoo

BackPack-May's Soul, Raceing Car backpack , lima, @ Level Up Event

Bracers 1-[The Forge] Asgar bracer, gold

Bracers 2-Aurica Store, Wood Green bracer

Collar-[The Forge] Chainmail Collar, Patterned Gold.

Hip Armours-PFC, War Kitten

Loincloth- PFC, Wild, Loincloth

Kisses, Baea