Thursday, May 21, 2015

So High

More from TFC!

Head Jewel- .Keystone. Mirran - Gold - Onyx-@ TFC Click here for landmark!

Hair- .Olive. the Mir Hair - Morning Coffee

Dress- .We.Seek.Dress.Armor.BROWN.MeshSkirt @TFC   Click here for landmark!

Bangles-  Kibitz - Chara bangles  - copper @ TFC   Click here for landmark!

Body-  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

Belt-  Noodles - Esme Belt Gold @ TFC   Click here for landmark!

Body Chain-  Noodles - Esme Body Chain Gold M @TFC Click here for landmark!

Gold Top-  Storybook - Captivate - Top - Gold @ TFC   Click here for landmark!

Claws/Talons-  [CX] Lethal Talons (Gold)

Poses-*La Jollie Rose* dramatic Pose Set @ TFC Click here for landmark!

Stone Walls- *AF* Maiden Tor  @ TFC Click here for landmark!

 Sky Home+ Garden-  22769 [bauwerk], Somewhere Only we Know, Complete Set @ TFC Click here for landmark!

Sign -  [Brixley] Fairy Garden Signs   @ TFC Click here for landmark!

kisses, Baea

Monday, May 18, 2015

There's A Storm Coming.

New stuff from *MeshedUp*
 And The Fantasy Collective! Open May 20th

Face Tattoo- .ARISE. Doot Facetattoo MIDDLE (new)

Tattoo- .Things. - Fabia Fresh Tattoo

Arm Cuff- *MeshedUp*_Nephthys Armlet Rose @ FGC

Bracelet- *MeshedUp*_Nephthys Bracelet Rose @ FGC

Chest Plate- *MeshedUp*_Nephthys Chest Plate Rose RARE @ FGC

Headdress- *MeshedUp*_Nephthys Headdress Rose ULTRARARE @ FGC

Hair- Clawtooth: You and Me - Silent Movie Star

Dress- FDD Stories *Bonitta* FitMesh Dress Antique1 @ The Fantasy Collective- May 20th

Sandals- Pure Poison - Alex Sandals - Brown - SLINK

Claws- [CX] Lethal Talons (Gold) Slink Elegant 1- F 

Eyes- [Buzz] Voodoo Eyes - Frost {Human}

Kisses, Baea

Friday, May 15, 2015

Leather And Wood

NEW @ The Secret Affair, Chooey again nailed it on this Quiver and Shield, go grab them while at a discounted price and stuff!   Click Here

Boots-Pixicat- Freja.Boots - Brown (s)

Quiver-{AEGIS}- Night's Fear Quiver- NEW! @ The Secret Affair

Shield-{AEGIS}- Night's Fear Shield @ The Secret Affair

Earrings.Keystone. Salvaged Mail Earrings - Ancient Gold

Necklace-AITUI - Fowl Play Necklace - Gold

Hair 1-booN GGL309 hair chocolate

Hair 2-booN WKM795 hair chocolate RIGGED MESH

Corset-CD Badlands Corset S Mudd

 Scarf-CD Badlands Scarf Copper

Nose Ring-CD Badlands Septum Piercing Copper

Pants-FDD GS *Cirilla pants* fitted mesh Brown

Coat/Robe- PEQE - The Princess Robes (XS)

Ring-Swallow TrustNo Ring Gold

Eyes-[Buzz] Celestial Eyes - Pitch {Less Sparkle} 

Kisses , Baea

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Just Because

These pictures have no outside editing I did use one of the filters in the new Firestorm release. Some of the new features are kinda fun and so far even though it is a Beta release I have had no problems. I use rlv and some of the issues were to do with this but so far for me nothing at all.

On Me
Maitreya Lara
Mons Eyeshadow Basic sparkle Black
PF Smokey Eyeshadow
Lovely Disarray Lip Stripes
Things Apachea Tattoo Faded
Things Maita Tattoo Faded
Hair Moon Boa Group Gift
Pekka Third Eye Head Chain Onyx
Muka Toe Ring
Noodles Helmsweave Anklet/Bracelet Black
L'Emporio Exposed Harness and Dress
Aisling Velasco Feather Collar

Artisan Fantasy Captive Cross
CP Delilah Earth Sheer Curtain
anc comet orrery gold
Medieval Fantasy Bookpile
Fanatik Medieval Village House
Pose bang Watchers

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


NEW MeshedUp !

Hair-Tram D314 hair

Headpiece- [Keystone] bru'ella, silver Rare

Scarf-Dead Dollz, Abandon Scarf, grey

Top-Tiar, MALE Shirt, tshirt, STFU

Pants-ENIGMA, Smuggler pants, blk

Gloves-::LC:: Sheep Skin gloves

Boots-[DeadWool] , Patmos Boots

Goggles/Flask-  *MeshedUp* blue,   @ - The Arena

Kisses Baea

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Princess L o s t

Hair-Little Bones, Haute

Body-TMP Body

Chain Headdress-May's Soul-Yasmin Face Chain, RARE @ Love  & War fair

Body Chains-May's Soul- Yasmin, Body Chain, RARE @ Love  & War fair

Dress-Baistice Calypso Dress, topless, Ice

Fur-May's Soul-Yasmin, Large fur White @ Love  & War fair

Back Halo-Axix, Maev Halo, Silver -Rare

Kisses, Baea

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Vintage Sauce

New stuff From  *[MeshedUp]*!

Hair-Burley, Carly Blacks

Hat-Vintage Gainsborough Hat, Aqua from, MeshedUp_@ The Fantasy Collective

Dress- Zenith- Tea Time Dress, Sky

Bangles- The Forge, Tri Bangles, white

Sandals-Totomi Sandals, gold n Black

In Background

BenchSeat- MeshedUp_, Vintage Hall Bench

Frames-  MeshedUp_, Vintage Frames, Froggy @ The Neighborhood

Monday, March 16, 2015

Kawaii Krazy

So I have not done a post in a long time but today I went to the Kawaii Project and got a lil inspired. Hope you like the post and check out the event.


Pink Fuel- Doll V2- Vamp
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body


Dress-Atomic Vintage Kitten- The Kawaii Project
Noodles Crush Heart Sunglasses Mint- The Kawaii Project
Retro Camera Pink/Vintage gun(rare)- The Kawaii Project
Truth- Ivana 
Bow- Olive the Satin bow
Muka Thigh High Stockings/Burlesque Bows
Epic-Pretty Princess Peep Toes

Saturday, February 21, 2015

S t r o n g E l e g a n c e

Hair-May's Soul, Samurai Hair, brown F @ Fantasy Gatcha

Hair Stick-May's Soul, Samurai Stick, RARE @ Fantasy Gatcha

Dress-Baiastice,Karin Dress, Coffee

Chest +Pauldrons-May's Soul,Bikers Chest, Brown Leather @ Fantasy Collective

Earrings-The Plastic, krosis Earrings, gold

Wrist Cuffs-[The Forge] Celtic Bangles

Hand tat- Soy. - Hajichi Shuri

Staff- By me

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mamba Beauty

So proud of Chooey with this shield, i'ts one of my faveorites! Partly because my mamba (Risky) can use it and look badass.. but also because its beautiful, there is a bloody version, and a NON bloody version for the clean people out there!

SHIELD-{AEGIS}, Ivory's Price- NEW! @ tp here 

Hair 1-Little Bones, Eros Taken

Hair 2- Little Bones, Ce Soir

Skull Mask-Skull Mask 16, Dreams & Nightmares

Face Tat -Little Pricks, Homeing Device

Feather Boa-B&R, Mat feather Scarf, black

Necklace-Zenith, Crystal Scar necklace

Arrow-Laygo, Metis Arrow Silver

Belt-LUAS, Asha  belt

Kilt-::ENIGMA:: Battle Kilt

Weapon-VF, Harvest Staff

Kisses, Baea